How To Care For Birds In The Summer Heat: A Bird Owner’s Guide To A Cool Summer 2022

Birds are endothermic animals; they maintain their constant temperature in both cold and warm environments. But they are also delicate animals, especially in the summer season, since the sun and high temperatures affect them, especially if they begin to change their plumage.

It is our job to help the birds in this thermoregulation mechanism and make the summer months pleasant for our pets.

The birds most sensitive to heat are young, old and obese. Normally, the species that tend to be obese are the parakeets, canaries, rosella and Amazonian parrots.

Among small birds, goldfinches, diamonds or coral pits are the most prone to dehydration. But, regardless of their condition or species, all birds need to have the maximum care in summer to avoid suffering from heat.

At the end of the summer the birds usually change the plumage (although it depends on the species to which they belong). With the molt they spend a lot of energy and need the nutrients, amino acids and vitamins essential for the growth of new feathers.

Therefore, it is of vital importance to offer them in this period a complete and balanced food that satisfies their nutritional needs. In Tiendanimal we have a great variety of food for birds, of great quality and designed for each species and for each stage of life.

Hygiene is one of the most important points to take into account for the care of birds with the arrival of summer. The excrement, the remains of feathers and the areas of humidity caused by splashing in the water are breeding grounds for viruses and bacteria that can cause serious damage to our birds.

But in addition to hygiene, there are other important aspects that must be taken into account in the care of birds in summer, such as water and food. Below we explain in detail some tips and recommendations for the care of birds in summer, they will be of great help and can better withstand high temperatures.

Advice For The Care Of Birds With The Arrival Of Heat

When the high temperatures arrive we can observe how the birds stop having as much physical activity as in winter, that they drink a greater amount of water and that they want more due to the heat.

How can we take care of them so they do not get so hot? Following a series of simple tips we can help our pets to be more comfortable with the arrival of summer and to withstand the heat:


You should decrease the amount of food and create a more balanced diet according to the hot months, that is, less fat and more fruits and vegetables cold and juicy as watermelon, melon, lettuce and apple. And make sure you always have clean, fresh water at your fingertips.


The cage should be placed in a cool place away from direct sunlight. In addition, it is convenient to place a bathtub so that they can slosh and refresh themselves when they need it. The use of sprayers is also appropriate, especially for tropical birds.


With the high temperatures it becomes even more necessary to always have the cage clean to avoid viruses and harmful bacteria for our pets. In summer, extreme hygienic measures must be taken to prevent diseases.


Trips in summer can be dangerous for birds, so if it is a long journey or you have to use several means of transport; it is convenient to leave them in a holiday residence for pets or the care of someone.

Following these tips will ensure that your pet is happy during the summer months. But if at any time you notice that she is more apathetic, that she has tremors or convulsions, take her quickly to the veterinarian specialized in birds.

It may be suffering a heat stroke, very dangerous in these animals.

What kind of bird do you have as a pet? In the hot months is it as talkative and active as in winter? What food do you give in the summer? Do you like to cool off in your bathtub? Tell us how you and your bird live the summer and what advice you give to other readers 🙂

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