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Sun Joe TJ601E Electric Garden Tiller Review (2022)

The Sun Joe TJ601E electric garden tiller requires no gas or fuel. It runs using an extension cord similar to an electric leaf blower, or weed whacker. This specific tiller has a very wide tilling width, letting you get the job done faster than other tillers with less a series of tines.

The tines (or teeth) on the Sun Joe TJ601E have a very high clearance, which allows it to tear through the soil without as many complications as other tillers. (such as rocks binding between the tongs and jamming the tiller)

Customers say other tillers get jammed frequently when a stray rock comes into contact with the spinning head of the tiller, but with the Sun Joe, many customers happily report that rocks are just simply thrown out of the tiller’s head just like dirt.

Because the Sun Joe TJ601E is an electric tiller you won’t ever have to worry about buying gas, or mixing fuel like you would need to with a gas-powered tiller. This also makes the tiller much less noisy and cuts back on the stinky fumes that come with gas tillers.

As long as you’ve got an extension cord using this tiller will feel similar to vacuuming a carpet. The fact that this tiller is electric doesn’t mean it has less power either.

The Sun Joe TJ601E has all the power you’ll need for starting your own garden or cultivating ground and dirt. Customers report that you won’t even have to remove grass before you start tilling. Even crabgrass will be easily shredded and removed while using the TJ601E.

With other tillers, things like weeds, plants, vines, and sticks will bind or jam the tools head, but with this Sun Joe tiller, customers report that power is not something that needs to be worried about.

Tilling through dirt should be a breeze when using this tiller. You’ll save loads of time compared to using normal manual garden tools, and the tool should last for years.

Electric Tiller – Convenient, Versatile, And Durable

The electric tiller functions folding manage bars which allow it to be handy to shop inside a garage or device shed.

And using the incorporated border-edger accessory and optional attachments (marketed separately), the electric tiller could be utilized past the confines of one’s garden.

Its light-weight style, handy carrying manage, and adjustable kickstand allow it to be portable, so adding an accessory for example a lawn aerator could possibly maintain you occupied all summer and to the fall.

The Mantis electric tiller resilient one-piece cast gearbox is created to final. Furthermore, the tines are assured towards breakage for that lifetime from the device.

Electric Tiller Is Powerful But Easy To Control

Do not be fooled through the little, compact style from the electric tiller. Although it weighs a mere 21 pounds and includes a width of only 9 inches, the electric tiller is effective, thanks to its three-speed electrical motor.

A dependable push-button primer will get you began, however, the tines won’t move till you squeeze the throttle. As quickly as you have activated the throttle, the patented serpentine tines spin at as a lot as 240 RPM to break via sod–even difficult clay–tilling down to some depth of 10 inches.

The electric tiller creates it simple to preserve your garden. Merely reverse the tines to shallow-cultivate depths of as a lot as 3 inches–it’s a lot quicker than utilizing hand resources.

And simply because it tills a nine-inch-wide path, this device is particularly helpful in tight spaces and hard-to-reach places. Which is an actual benefit for raised-bed gardeners.

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