The Ultimate Guide To Budgie Aviary Set Up: Save Cost And Time

The Ultimate Guide To Budgie Aviary Set Up: Save Cost And Time 2022

Budgies are such an interesting pet that many keepers decide to keep more than one and possibly progress into breeding. To do this an aviary will be required. Setting up a budgie aviary is not especially difficult but a few pertinent tips might help save you time and money.

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A Budgie Aviary Usually Contains:

  • A budgie shelter for the pet birds to roost and feed
  • The budgie room, mainly for breeding purposes
  • The flight, where the budgies stretch their wings and fly
  • A porch, as a two-door safety precaution to prevent budgies escaping

You will be hoping to keep your budgies stress- and disease-free if you want to enjoy your hobby without setbacks, so a number of measures help reduce the risks when setting up your aviary:

  1. If converting a shed into an aviary, every component will need to be thoroughly cleaned. You will also need to make it escape-proof and secure from cats and mice,e tc. The latter is usually accomplished by mounting the aviary on low brick walls.
  2. Concrete floors, sloped away from the sheltered areas to aid drainage, are easiest to keep clean.
  3. The mesh for the sides of the aviary will have to be small enough to prevent budgies escaping.
  4. An often-overlooked risk is that a budgerigar might stick its head through the mesh and get stuck. Sharp edges also need to be removed to prevent injuries to the budgies.
  5. Perches are best placed far enough away fr0m the sides of the aviary to avoid feathers, especially tails, being damaged. Perches and breeding boxes are best placed at the same height as those nearest to them to avoid fighting and stress among the inhabitants. Budgies seek to occupy the highest positions.

As well as the normal equipment for feeding and watering, cuttlebones, etc., toys are very appropriate, even for aviary budgerigars. However, internal plants are a waste of money as budgies will destroy them.

The aviary can be finished off by adding plants around the exterior but care in selection and placement will be required to avoid the risk of infection to the inhabitants of your aviary.

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