Add A Burst Of Colour: The Hydrangea Colour Wheel Dining Sets

One of the last flowers to come into full bloom on my walk to school is the Hyrangea. Now I know that this is a ‘marmite’ flower – you either love it or loathe it – but I kind of love it.

Big, blooms of color like giant balls of petals. All clustered together on giant bushes so that you just have a whole, huge mass of color that fill the eyes with beauty. I’m not too sure that I like the scent all that much – but that’s another story…

Anyways, there are lots of colors and types available although I think most of us believe it comes in pinky/red or blue or sometimes white/cream. I like the subtle purple ones and the brightest of pinks.

My dad’s preference for color is dull grey.


Well, it’s not a type that you can actually buy and I don’t think he really likes it either, but the story goes that way back then, when he was a kid…

My grandma had a bit of a thing about grey – dull, boring, melancholy, grey. When my dad was a wee little sprat she had her house painted from it’s bright and cheery yellow to grey. (Like she had every house before and since). It was a big house surrounded by some trees and bushes and shrubbery – which was all allowed to grow wild without any interference from man, woman or secateurs.

Half-way through the day, the decorator went for his lunch and for some reason left the tin of paint, open, with the brush. I can sort of understand this – I mean who would ever think to start painting random stuff grey of all things…

Well, my dad did!

And the thing he focused all his attention on was,  of course, the blooms of the hydrangeas.

It must have taken him a fair old time to do, especially without being seen by family or the decorator (that was one long lunch break).

I’m not sure of the outcome. We all start to laugh too much when he tells the story to find out – laughing at him but more at my grandma’s expression.

The moral of the tale – I guess if you don’t like something as it is you could always paint it…

These days there seems to be so many colors of any plant available. It’s hard to find out what is a ‘natural’ flower and what has been in part engineered by the botanists. Not that I’m complaining about it. Think of how many roses there are.

Talking about engineering…

One of my chosen 10 outdoor dining sets is made from recycled plastic and is available in many different colors (not sure grey is an option though!) Here’s the extract of the review for your pleasure – it’s a very interesting table design that’s also good for the ecology and environment.


Polywood 5-Piece Monterey Bay Dining Set

Style, decadence, and show all have their place. But if you are more concerned with your environmental footprint, having a table set requiring little to no maintenance, and you add to that a desire for something novel, practical and serviceable then this dining table set is a perfect fit.

The previous reviews of Dining Sets for Patio, Garden or Terrace include all types of dining sets which are constructed from all types of materials, all with various levels of weather-proofing and life-long maintenance. However, there is one thing that they all have in common. They are all constructed from materials that are not totally environmentally or ecologically sensitive or friendly. None of which are more harming than the hardwood sets.

If the environmental footprint of your dining set is a concern to you then this unusual patio dining set ticks the ‘green’ box.

This Polywood 4-seat outdoor table set may seem a standard design but it is unusual in it’s construction. The table and chairs are manufactured from recycled plastic which is then molded to simulate wooden planks. The plastic is dyed in the early construction phase so that any color is consistent throughout the materials. This means that along with no fading, the color will not chip or scratch off as it’s not just a surface treatment.

The center-piece of this brown Polywood set is the 48” round table. The table surface consists of Polywood planks and has a hole for an umbrella in the center. The table is supported by a central Polywood stand. The four arm-chairs are, again, constructed from the brown Polywood. The appearance and design of the chairs is fairly basic but with this set, it is the construction material that provides the uniqueness.

Click here to find out more

This table set is fully weather-proof, stain-proof, fade-proof, etc, and, being plastic, is resistant to all insect and fungal problems that natural fiber tables suffer from.

The unit does not fold up for storage, but being totally weather-proof, this garden table set provides an all year round outdoor dining center.

The set arrives in pieces which are easy to assemble using standard metal fixtures (supplied).


I’m now off to check the toddler – he’s a bit quiet which usually means trouble… watch out flowers, here he comes!

Bye for now!

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