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Five Green Tips That Keeps Homes Warm All Winter

Each year when the weather gets cold, environmentally conscious homeowners search for new ways to keep their houses warm during the winter.

If you already have common green ideas in motion such as plastic over the windows, there are still a few stones left unturned. Listed below, there are five interesting ways to ensure that you do not need to turn on the heat all winter long.

Get A Wood Heating Stove

Despite the initial expense of having a wood-burning stove properly installed in your home, the savings can be immense. This is especially true if you live near wooded areas.

Throughout the year, as the city begins to trim trees, you can start your wood collecting. Once you start placing a focus on it, you soon realize there are multiple opportunities to collect free wood to burn in the winter. Naturally, burning wood saves on fossil fuel heating costs.

The Heating Power Of Compost

Do you always save scraps from meals and put them in the compost bin?  If so, you have an easy to harness source of heat and methane gas. However, what you do not need is a giant pile of rotting food in the middle of your living room.

Instead, there are several high-tech eco-friendly devices that collect and distribute this heat for you. Some upscale models also include a methane collection device that re-routes to specially fitted gas appliances. All you need to do with any compost heap model is add daily scraps and perform a minimal amount of maintenance.

Hay Bale Your House

In order to get the edge on an environmental way to save money, use one of the oldest barn warming techniques on record. Instead of building an unsupervised fire in a barn, farmers typically kept their animals warm throughout the winter by stacking hay around the barn itself.

While this sounds like a funny idea for the suburbs, the truth is that you do not need to have livestock in order to buy hay bales and surround your home with them. 

If neighbors give you the stink eye about your green way to save energy, you can always disguise them by wrapping the exposed hay bales in attractive plastic wrap.  The hay bales can also be included as part of your holiday outdoor display.

Stove Heating – From Primitive Decor Ideas

Living Walls And Green Roofs

Have you ever seen a home that has a garden on top of the roof or plants growing up the sides of the outside walls? Although it takes a considerable amount of preparation, starting a living wall or green roof means that you will have a warm house all winter.

Instead of adding insulation inside of the walls, this takes care of the heat loss issue from the outside. Living walls and green roofs are impressive on their own, but their ability to seal cracks without lifting a finger saves a considerable amount of money for homeowners.

DIY Indoor Overalls

Have you ever wanted to wrap yourself in a warm blanket on a cold day and never take it off? If you have an arts and crafts streak, you can make your own indoor warmth garment from an old blanket.  The idea is to loosely make a full body cutout and sew the two sides together.

Add a coat zipper and a hood to include a little bit of extra warmth. There are similar prefabricated models on the market, but making your own from scratch means extra green points for re-using an old blanket.

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