How to Choose the Right Cabin Log For any Garden?

How To Choose The Right Log Cabin For Any Garden? (2022)

Seeing all those great log cabins on television and in magazines make you want to rush out and buy one for your garden. Nevertheless, the purchase of a garden log cabin is not like picking up an extra bar of chocolate from the supermarket.

There are many factors that you need to consider before you add garden buildings to your property.

What Does It Look Like?

You can look at a range of log cabins and some will appeal to you and some not so. At least that narrows down your choice. Whether you prefer a traditional or a more modern style, there are still a variety of garden log cabins for you to consider.

They are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, but before you can decide which model is right for you, you will need to know what you want to use the building for.

The arrangement of doors and windows begins to be vastly different if you intend for your log cabin to become a garage compared to lots of window and door space if it is going to become your new home office.

Your log cabin can be square, rectangular, or six-sided if it’s got to fit into a corner or a particular area of your garden. You can choose a single door or double door, a simple door, or an offset door.

When it comes to windows, there are a variety of options. Where you intend to use your new garden buildings early in the morning, late at night or during wintertime, double glazed windows will help keep the warmth inside.

Looking Inside Your Log Cabin

The flooring in your log cabin is extremely important. What it is made of will also depend upon how you intend to use your garden buildings.

Where you are going to add a couple of comfortable chairs and a wine table, the flooring that arrives with your log cabin will probably be more than sufficient, but if you decide the building is going to be used as a home gym or a home office, you will need to choose a much stronger flooring to hold the exercise equipment, bicycle trainer or filing cabinets.

If you are offered very cheap wood or chipboard for your flooring, you should refuse it. Natural timber is great to look at and should match the rest of your garden log cabin, and the thickest flooring you can purchase will benefit you over the long term.

As the flooring is one of the first items that will go down on a level concrete base, you need to make your decision about the flooring early because it won’t be easy to change your mind effortlessly afterward.

Insulation is an essential factor for being able to use your log cabin all year round. You can insulate under the floor, the roof and all of the wood around your log cabin. The thicker the wood is in your log cabin, the more natural insulation will be provided.

Using cheap rolls of felt as your roofing finish will not provide your log cabin with its best look or long-lasting ability. Because the roofing will deflect rain, snow and frost and the sun’s rays, you should choose high-quality roofing that will last you for years.

By adding a delightful veranda to the front of your log cabin, you will be providing a wonderful outside area that will enhance the look of your garden building.

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