Tips For Drought Season – 7 Essential Practice You Must Do For Survival 2022

A drought is a certain period of time that consists of abnormally dry weather that can cause serious problems. Droughts can be deadly because of the lack of precipitation impacts agricultural. Droughts are getting worse in USA.

Drought Of 2012

The Drought of 2012 is the worst drought the United States has experienced since 1956. A drought doesn’t mean a hot and dry summer, agricultural and livestock are being affected directly. Crops are dying quickly especially corn, which means you can expect corn prices to rise.

Farmers have started selling their livestock earlier this summer and more of them. With the crops dying and lack of water, ranchers and farmers are having extreme difficulty feeding their livestock. Ranchers are spending lots of time and money bringing in water to keep their animals alive.

As a result of the drought more livestock are being slaughtered than ever and in return with the overabundance of meat, meat prices will decrease. Before you jump for joy that meat prices are falling, keep in mind without livestock farmers and ranchers are out of a job and a lifestyle.

While the United States a whole is suffering from the drought there are particular areas in desperate need of rain. States like Georgia in the Southeast, Arkansas in the South, Kentucky in the Midwest, and Colorado and Kansas in the High Plains are experiencing extremely dangerous drought.

Thankfully typically heavy affected drought states like Texas have been getting more rain than normal but still are in serious condition.

Weather forecasts predict that it will only get worse this summer. All we can do is hope for precipitation and do our best to help. You can help by watching your water usage. Here are some tips to help:

·    Turn off water while brushing teeth.
·    Cut back on watering your lawn.
·    Don’t take baths.
·    Take shorter showers.
·    Condense your laundry sizes and loads into less.
·    Avoid washing your car.
·    Do not fertilize your lawn.

For more information on how you can help in your area, contact your local city office.

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