How To Find Your Car In Giant Outdoor Parking Lots When No-one Else Could – How We Laughed!

There was a trend several years back of going to outdoor concerts at castles and stately houses which involved classical music and usually ended with a giant firework display. My parents went quite often with their chums, and one time I went along too to see what they found so funny about it.

One thing I learnt is that parents become more childish once the kids have left home, but I guess you knew that.

Going to one of these events involved a lot of planning, as it was bring your own chair and bring your own picnic. So the biggest chore was working out how to carry the food hamper, chairs, blankets, candle lights, wine, beer and granny from the car to the performance area. Due to there being about 5,000 people at any one of these things the car park was in fields and fields and more fields. Row upon row upon row of cars.

Parking them was fine, in the day-light, when you could get your bearings from a distant fence, gate or hedge. But finding them again in the dusk of an evening, or worse still the total blackness of night, you were stuffed.

Unless of course you had Plan B

Plan B was to tie some kind of flag or balloons or otherwise to your car aerial so that your car would stick out easily from everyone else’s.

My parents and their chums used the less popular Plan C. This was to not follow the herd on arrival but instead to park at a further walk-away from the concert area but next to, perhaps, the only tree in the fields. The logic being that a tree would not be able to move.

I know, you are thinking that your car won’t move either during a concert…

Ah, but some group of crazed 60 year olds who should know better might leave the party early and relocate all the balloons. And I bet you can’t guess who they might be… even granny was in on the act.

And so we sat in our cars, under the only tree in the field, watching the dazed, heavily laden, tired, frustrated, ‘clever’ people wander aimlessly around the fields of cars looking for their car which, somehow, wasn’t attached to their banner.

They looked like slightly posh extras from ‘The Living Dead’.

The best bit was that you only needed to move each balloon about two cars left, back or forwards for the confusion to set in.

It was fascinating.

What you need if ever you were in a ‘might loose the car scenario’ is some kind of solar powered, automatic, lighting system that you could put inside your car to come on automatically and was unmistakable in its colors and patterns.


Here’s another extract from my article on 10 Accessories that you really don’t need…


Solar Powered Glass Ball Garden Light

As evening closes in and the last sun-rays fade away, artificial light can come into full effect. This stunning multi-colored glass light is more than just light, it’s a dramatic center piece for your table dressing.

There are lights, and then there are Lights. This light consists of a bowl of glass pieces that are lit from inside either as constant white light, or as a variable color display of red / green / blue. The unit is solar-powered and requires approximately 6 hours of sunlight for a full charge, so it needs to be placed in a sunnier position during the day-time.

It has a photo- sensor so will come on at dusk and turn off at dawn (if you leave it on that is!). It is claimed to be waterproof and weatherproof although I would be tempted to store it inside in the worst of the winter weather. It is approximately 7 inches in diameter, so will not take up too much table space.

Click here to find out more

If you want a light that is less to ‘see-by’ and more ‘to-be-seen’ then this unit is a beautiful addition to any outdoor entertainment area. Don’t be surprised if it is admired and talked about by all your guests. My toddler is a lover of lights so this will keep him occupied for hours – as well as amusing the cat!


I’m now off to lecture my parents about not ‘accidentally’ nudging people into the canal when they walk past them and blaming it on the dog… Honestly, I sometimes wonder who the children really are?

Bye for now

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