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How To Find Your Car In Giant Outdoor Parking Lots When No-one Else Could – How We Laughed!

Several years ago, there was a fad of attending outdoor concerts at castles and stately homes that included classical music and generally finished with a massive firework show. My parents visited there often with their friends, and I went along once to see what they found so amusing about it.

One thing I’ve discovered is that after their children have left home, parents become more childlike, although I’m sure you already knew that.

Going to one of these events required a lot of preparation since it was a bring your own chair and bring your own lunch affair. So the most difficult task was figuring out how to get the food hamper, chairs, blankets, candles, wine, beer, and grandma from the vehicle to the performance location. The vehicle park was in fields and fields and more fields since there were around 5,000 attendees at each of these events. Row upon row upon row of automobiles.

It was OK to park them during the day, when you could obtain your bearings from a distant fence, gate, or hedge. You were stuffed if you found them again in the gloom of an evening, or worse, the absolute darkness of night.

Unless, of course, you have a backup plan.

Plan B was to attach a flag, balloons, or anything else to your vehicle aerial so that it stood out from everyone else’s.

Plan C, which was less popular, was employed by my parents and their friends. This was to avoid following the herd when they arrived, but to park farther away from the performance venue, maybe close to the sole tree in the fields. The reasoning being that a tree cannot move.

I know what you’re thinking: your automobile won’t move during a performance, either…

But some insane 60-year-olds who should know better may leave the party early and move all the balloons. And I’m sure you have no idea who they are… Granny got in on the act as well.

So we sat in our vehicles, beneath the single tree in the field, watching the disoriented, heavily burdened, fatigued, irritated, ‘smart’ individuals traipse aimlessly around the fields of automobiles, seeking for their car, which, for some reason, wasn’t tied to their banner.

They seemed to be somewhat upmarket extras from ‘The Walking Dead.’

The greatest part was that you only needed to move each balloon approximately two vehicles to the left, back, or forwards to cause confusion.

It was a fantastic experience.

If you ever find yourself in a’might lose the automobile situation,’ you’ll need some type of solar-powered, autonomous lighting system that you can install inside your car and that is identifiable in its colors and patterns.


Here’s another excerpt from my piece on 10 Accessories You Don’t Need…

Glass Ball Garden Light that is Powered by the Sun

As nightfall approaches and the last rays of sunlight go away, artificial light may take full impact. This gorgeous multi-colored glass lamp is more than simply a source of light; it also serves as a dramatic centerpiece for your table setting.

There are some lights, and then there are the Lights. This light is made out of a bowl of glass pieces that are lighted from inside, either as a steady white light or as a red/green/blue changeable color show. The device is solar-powered and takes roughly 6 hours of sunshine to fully charge, therefore it should be put in a more sunny location throughout the day.

Because it features a photosensor, it will turn on at night and turn off at dawn (assuming you keep it on!). It is touted to be waterproof and weatherproof, but I would keep it indoors during the worst of the winter weather. It’s around 7 inches in diameter, so it won’t take up too much table room.

More information may be found by clicking here.

This unit is a lovely addition to any outdoor entertainment area if you want a light that is less’see-by’ and more ‘to-be-seen.’ Don’t be shocked if it is praised and discussed by all of your visitors. My son is obsessed with lights, so this will keep him entertained for hours – as well as amuse the cat!

I’m currently on my way to scold my parents about not ‘accidentally’ shoving folks into the canal as they go by and blaming it on the dog… To be honest, I sometimes wonder who the children are.

For the time being, bye.

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