The Loud And Clear Reminder To Get House Insurance

The Loud And Clear Reminder To Get House Insurance 2022

First thing I saw when I woke up this morning was that commercial with the doggie saying, Looking for house insurance? Oh yes! Try Churchill house insurance. It was almost as if my husband willed it to be on, or had planned it.

He knows that switching out house insurance over to a new company is on my to-do list, and every now and then he ever so gently tries to prompt me to work more feverishly to get some stuff done. I suppose that actually set the day’s events in motion for me, as it turns out I ended up encountering Churchill another two times.

Still, I already had my day planned and ventured off to one of two furniture expositions I must hit this month. This is a great way for me to catch a glimpse of what is hot right now, and what is to come.

What I observed is that the standard colours that we have become all too familiar with are going to be joined with an explosion of interesting options. I guess I had that ad in the back of my head, as my initial response was, Oh Yes!

In upcoming seasons, we can look forward to more vibrant colour choices like chartreuse, mustard, and fuchsia. These bolder, brighter, and in my humble opinion more brilliant shades far surpass the dull taupe, chocolate, and sand that have dominated this market for too long.

Now that is not to say that the classic colours will not still be what is best suited in many settings, but it is definitely time for options to be pushed to the forefront, instead of being scarce.

Churchill Commercial

Once back in my car, I caught another Churchill commercial on the radio, and was again reminded that I needed to get around to the insurance, and travel arrangements for the Christmas holidays, and collect the boxes of nonperishables for food drive, and so on and so forth.

At this juncture, I started to think of Churchill as a personal PA, reminding me to get certain jobs done. The big difference is that a real personal assistant would be hands-on in getting some of my stuff done, not just remind me to do it.

Next, I did manage to pick up some of those boxes and bring them to our church to be cataloged and stored. But, there are still over twenty more pickups to be completed by next Friday.

So, then upon arriving home, I went through our mail and saw a print ad with Churchill on it, and it made me commit to putting the insurance issue to rest tomorrow. No doubt I will get one last nudge to do it when I wake up tomorrow and the tv goes on. But, I do not need it, message received, it is top on my list.

Learn To Multitask When You Get Home Insurance Quotes

I imagine it will come as no surprise for me to say that I have a list of things to do that are beginning to weigh heavily on me. So many tasks are begun but left unfinished because I get torn in another direction.

Many times, the only reason certain chores are completed is that there is some kind of deadline on them. This was what was going on when I finally got around to get home insurance quotes from Direct Line home insurance. Is any of this sounding all too familiar?

Well, with me being in the furniture business, I know how important it is to have the contents of your home insured, and any lapses can prove disastrous. No pressure there, right? So, obviously I had to get on the ball, but I also had other deadlines looming, and things I should get a handle on too.

Therefore, this time around I was committed to accomplishing more than just insuring the things I have spent decades filling my home with, I wanted to multitask. Not only with this endeavor, but as often as possible to lighten the load.

Basically, for my own peace of mind, and sanity to some extent, I must get out from under the weight of this list of tasks. I must regain control of my time management, and no longer be burdened by a lack of it.

Thus, I will be taking up every offer to multi-task, and then happily scratch off another two or more things from the list.

And that is the point of this article, because I want you to know how to check off more than one thing on that to do list when the opportunity knocks. From this point forward, this is going to be a reoccurring theme in my posts, because it truly is the way to go.

So, to get started, look for companies that handle more than one thing. In the case of the home insurance policy, you can also get extras like Family Legal Protection, ID Fraud Assistance, and even Annual Travel Insurance.  I like to think of it as a way of double-dipping, being able to handle a couple of items all in one action.

From here on out, I firmly believe this is the way to go, and the companies that make this possible are going to be top of my list to receive my business.

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