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What Household Toxic Chemicals Are Poisonous To Pet Birds & Parrots? Harmful Hazards To Avoid For Feathered Friends 2022

Parrots have a sensitive respiratory system. Most captive parrots are forced to breathe household air laden with toxic chemicals.

AIR IS THE BREATH OF LIFE. INDOOR AIR POLLUTION is often oderless and colorless.

Keeping Away Household Toxic Chemicals For The Sensitive Respiratory System

We are extremely cautious when it comes to chemicals and parrots. we do not use ammonia-based, chlorine-based,
or commercial-grade cleaners anywhere near our birds. We do not use air fresheners (no perfume or cologne which can be toxic as well). No use no scented candles, incense in closed areas where birds are present. There have been reports of birds dying after exposure to scented or ‘room freshening’ candles, furniture polish household products that are harmful or harmless to These odorless, colorless vapors can kill parrots within minutes.

Home extermination is out, stop spraying inside your home. Here is a list of common toxic products in our home.

  • PTFE, polytetrafluorethelyne, is a polymer coating is found on most non-stick cookware and appliances. TEFLON is a common brand name. Other brand names, include Silverstone, Calphalon, Analon, Scanpan, etc.
  • PTFE is found in dryers, pots, and pans, stoves, bread makers, irons, curling irons, electric grills, baking pans, heaters. When heated, PTFE releases fumes and particles into the air.
  • Aerosol sprays; even pump sprays disperse droplets throughout your home. Asbestos Radon Lead dust from sanding lead-based paint Art supplies, glue, correction fluid Dry cleaning chemicals.
  • Scented candles Fabric deodorizers Air fresheners: spray, solid, plug-in, powder Shoe polish & waterproofing compounds.
  • Pesticides Cooking fumes Heated, non-stick cookware, and appliances such as Teflon® Cleaning products
    Furniture polish (Use lemon oil instead.)
  • Mothballs, Pet dander, fur, feathers Perfume, hair spray, cosmetics.
  • Remodeling products present in carpets, furniture, and cleaning products, smoke from cigarettes, the nicotine from fingers, aerosolized oil from deep frying, oils from scented candles, and background air polluted from cars and other human sources.

Parrots have a high metabolism and tiny lungs household toxins have a devastating effect on the tiny lungs and the devastating effects of such toxins on such tiny lungs.

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