How To Create A Greener Garden Space: Ultimate Guide To Making Your Loved Outdoor Space Eco-Friendly 2022

Going green when it comes to your garden is much easier than you might think, and the fact that green gardening is kinder to your budget only sweetens the pot.

Eco-friendly gardens help conserve resources, eliminate waste, prevent harsh and often dangerous chemicals from contaminating our air and food, and produce a beautiful and natural art gallery for passersby to admire.

If your green thumb has got the itch to go even greener, keep reading. Here are several suggestions to help you create a greener garden space.

Build Your Own Compost Pile

One way to create a greener garden is to use compose to enrich the soil.  Building your own compost pile is an easy, inexpensive way to add nutrients to the soil that will make your garden flourish–and it can be done in your backyard or even in a small bin if space is an issue. A convenient alternative is to purchase compost at your local garden center.

Use Organic Gardening Products

Instead of using harsh chemicals in your garden to eliminate pests and weeds, go for the organic ones that are just as effective and much gentler on the Earth. Organic fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides are easy to come by and are found at almost any garden center or supply store.

Make Homemade Gardening Products

Many organic gardening products can be made from household ingredients. Not only are homemade gardening products better for your plants and the environment as a whole, they are easier on your wallet as well.

Many tried and true recipes for homemade gardening products can be found online, and often include using items like baking soda, milk, oils used for cooking, essential oils, and vinegar to make them.


Another excellent way to make your garden a greener place is to recycle old containers and other items to house or anchor your plants. Wash out your old food containers and look for scrap metal items that you can use instead of buying new ones.

Better yet–unleash your creativity and jazz-up your recycled planters and anchors with color and funky embellishments. Your garden art will serve a purpose while adding some fun and flair to your garden space.

Apply Gardening Products With Care

Even if you are using “green” products in your garden, they should still be applied with care–and if you opt for harsher chemicals, caution is a must. Always apply herbicides and pesticides to the roots of your plants, and be careful to spray only the plants that need it.

Many gardening products, organic or otherwise, will kill anything standing its way. Use products like these sparingly, and select only the ones that target the problem bugs or plants so that you don’t eliminate more than you have to.

Capture Rain Water

You can save precious water resources and money by capturing rain water for your garden. Use large barrels or buckets to catch rain, and then cover them with screens or lids to keep curious pests out of your supply. Use the rain you’ve captured to water your garden in place of your local area’s water supply as much as possible.

Waste Nothing

One of the best ways to keep a green garden is to use resources wisely and avoid wasting them at all costs. Use only what you must when it comes to herbicides and pesticides, and never leave a hose or sprinkler running if your garden has already been sufficiently watered.

Try to incorporate recycled materials into your garden space instead of buying new ones, a great way to prevent unwanted waste when it comes to both money and materials.

Making your garden space a greener place to be will yield you some worthwhile benefits. You’ll spend less, conserve precious resources, and maintain a beautiful garden that the planet will thank you for.

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