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How To Use A Rototiller On Grass? (Tips To Remove Weeds In Your Lawn)

If you’re a gardener or have a green thumb, you like to get down and dirty working the soil. It feels relaxing, enjoyable, and rewarding – you know with all this work, you’ll be reaping the benefits in the end.

But after a while, the dull backache sets in, and your patience seems to be running out and you wonder if there are any tools that can make tilling the soil any easier?

Thankfully, there are quite a few tools available in the market today to do just that and make your job easy and fast. A rototiller is a must-have garden tool that takes the pain out of gardening by getting the soil ready for planting.

As there are quite a few different varieties of rototillers available in your gardening store, first decide what your needs are before jumping to buy one.

There are many types of garden tillers available. Some larger ones can run in the hundreds of dollars and they might be a lot more than you need. For the average home garden, a smaller rototiller is all you need unless you have a big backyard or a huge garden.

A smaller rototiller can make it easier to maneuver around corners, trees, and bushes or even small flower beds and around fences. Plus because they are smaller in size and more compact, they are a lot easier to store.

A rototiller helps to break up the soil to start a new lawn or garden. It cuts through the soil, releasing clumps allowing better water seepage and forming air gaps to let in much-needed oxygen. This helps the roots grow stronger and hence you get better plants.

Benefits Of Rototiller

There are several benefits of a rototiller to consider. The first obvious benefit is you will not have to do a laborious amount of manual shoveling work, saving you time and energy.

Another benefit of a rototiller is most models let you stand and you don’t need to bend while using it, so you don’t need to break your back and develop muscle pain over it.

Rototillers are quite fast and if you have a large area to do it is highly recommended you get one. This way tilling the soil will be all done in no time.

You can also use it to kill two birds with one stone – spread compost or mulch over the soil and then work it with a rototiller. This will do two jobs at once and help condition the soil.

Talk to your local gardening store about what you plan to accomplish in your garden, how big of an area you need to till, what you want to plant etc.

They will guide you to choose the best rototiller for the job. You can rent one or buy one outright if you plan on using it more than a couple of times.

A rototiller is a great gardening tool. Both compact, yet powerful they can make the back-breaking gardening jobs much easier on you so you can actually start enjoying planting your garden again!

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