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Earthwise TC70001 Electric Tiller & Cultivator Review (2022)

This tiller is is a sturdy and well built piece of machinery. The wheel height can be quickly adjusted with the use of no tools, which can save you a lot of time. This tiller works through normal garden soil with ease.

Even after tilling for hours on end the tool never began to make sounds of wear or tear on the machines internal parts.

There is a gap in the center of the tiller where the gear box is located, which even allows slight side to side motions while tilling, which the Earthwise seems to tackle better than its competitors.

The Earthwise is also well fit for tilling on an incline or a hillside. Because of it’s light weight, one side is easily lifted, allowing the user to make a flat surface directly of the face of a hillside.

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Works really well once you assemble it. – It was easy to put together, just attach the wheels and handle. It is light and will jump around but it is easy to control and keep on a straight track. It is awkward to start, you have to hold the button down with one hand and then pull the lever. Then you’ll want to grab the cord so that you can keep that out of the way as you work. It’s so small and light weight you can easily get into gardens and small garden beds.

Managing the cord on an electric tiller is probably the most challenging part of operating this easy to use garden power tool. Anyone who has used a vacuum before can relate, but with a little planning it’s easy for the cord never to get into your tilling path.

Booklet TC70001

The Earthwise TC70001 has an in depth guide booklet that helped me with any questions I had about operating the machine, and assembling the product was easier than I expected it to be. It only took about 15 minutes overall.

After numerous days of using the tiller, for long periods at a time, I can easily say this tiller does everything I’d hoped it would do. I also haven’t spotted any sort of physical wear or tear on this well made tool. I can easily say I would make this purchase all over again.

A healthy garden certainly adds to the over all beauty of our home. It’s a perfect place to relax and unwind. Just watching the greens around can give us a soothing, pleasant feeling.

A beautiful garden is the ideal place where you can just hang out and enjoy. It may also serve as sanctuary, a place to reflect and even meditate. Just being in a garden, surrounded by healthy plants can reduce our stress away.

Many home owners also find gardening activities therapeutic and calming. One thing that stops homeowners from having the garden that they want is the thought that gardening activities, especially cultivating the soil is a difficult task.

The thought of using shovel, rake and hoe for gardening scares a lot of people, especially the housewives. They want a tool that they will be able to use easily. Earthwise TC70001electric garden tiller is the answer for all your garden needs.

4 Blade Steel

This garden tiller has Dual 4 Blade Steel Tines that makes you finish the work faster. It will definitely save you time. It is also made up lightweight materials that allow you to use the equipment with ease. No need to worry about having a back pain from using shovels and rakes.

The Earthwise TC70001electric garden tiller will make it all lighter for you. You also wont be needing other garden tools anymore if you have Earthwise TC70001electric garden tiller. It is can work as a tiller, a hand weeder and a shovel. It does all the work for you.

The blades are designed to dig and break up the soil into smaller chunks. Another use of this wonderful garden tool is to plow the garden plot to return the plant remains into the soil.

It is very useful in removing, weeds, unwanted grasses and old tree stumps that will hinder you from having a healthy garden. It makes breaking up of the ground into nice workable soil an effortless task.

It even works wonders on very hard clay. Earthwise TC70001electric garden tiller can be used to break up dirt and remove unwanted rocks. You also do not have to deal with noisy garden tillers because Earthwise TC70001electric garden tiller is easy on your ears.

And it does not even get warm easily. You can use it continuously for hours and find that it did not even heat up. If you love your self as much as you love your garden, then go and get Earthwise TC70001electric garden tiller now.

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