11 World’s Most Amazing Medicinal Plants & Healing Herbs In Nature For Plant Lovers 2021

What most people don’t realize is that some of the world’s most common plants, herbs, berries, and flowers have some powerful health and medicinal purposes when used on a daily basis.

Many of these purposes include: fever reduction, anti-fungal, pain relief, anti-inflammatory, detoxification, insect
repellent, antihistamine, expectorant, antiseptic, and antibacterial.

Below are a few of the world’s medical plants that can be located almost anywhere. 


Alfalfa has healthy compounds and nutrients, and very rich minerals. It is known to treat kidney pain, morning sickness, kidney stones, nausea, and urinary discomfort. It can also reduce cholesterol and it is a bowel and liver cleanser.


The roots and leaves of blackberry plants can be used to heal diarrhea and dysentery. They are also useful for healing inflammation and cuts in the mouth.

Blood Flower

Also known as the Mexican butterfly weed, this flower produces a milky white substance that is toxic and can cause vomiting. If needed it could be used as an expectorant.

California Poppy

This magnificent plant has been known to be a very effective reliever of anxiety. This plant is very safe to be used on children who seem agitated; also tension and nervousness can be relieved by making the poppy into a tea. By stewing all the “safe” parts of this plant, will make a strong decoction that can be used to ease the pain.


Catnip can relieve the symptoms of colds and promotes sweating in order to break fevers. This minty plant can also ease stomach aches, migraines, and gas.

Hyssop or Korean Mint

Many types of mint have healing purposes. These mints can help to fight nausea, soothe headaches, reduce fatigue and nervousness, and calm the stomach. To receive the full benefits from this mint you can garnish food, eat whole, or make tea.

Lady Ferns

Known as one of the world’s ancient plants, there are numerous varieties of ferns, but the delicate and soft ferns are the ones used for easing a stinging pain. By mashing these ferns between palms, the juices that are released can be used to ease the pain from burns, stings, and minor cuts.


Marijuana was considered a hard drug and made illegal in 1970.  Since it is not a “gateway” drug, it is not addictive. Its purposes for health can include glaucoma treatment, anxiety relief, depression, and blood pressure reduction.


Sage was used as a meat preservative before the use of refrigeration. Sage can aid in fighting colds, digestion, relieving cramps and diarrhea.  


Tansy is known as an old-time remedy it was cultivated by the ancient Greeks for medical purposes, by rubbing the leaves on your skin it can act as a powerful insect repellent. Also used for flavoring stews and beer. Tansy contains a poison called thujone with makes it unsafe when however it has been used in the past to help treat worms.

Wild Quinine

Only the flowers and roots of these plants are edible to help treat gastrointestinal infection, fatigue, debility, venereal disease, and respiratory infection. Quinine is able to treat almost any ailment. 

For minor medicinal issues, it is said that some of these plants, berries, herbs, or flowers may be able to help. However, remain cautious and do your due diligence by first making sure that you actually do identify the correct plant to be the true one and not a look-alike, many wild plants can look surprisingly similar. 

Overall bear in mind natural products are not always safe also dosage might cause problems. Be especially careful if you are pregnant or breast feeding, you might want to stay on the safe side and avoid talking anything other than what is recommended by your doctor.

My advice is to always take a safe route and talk to an expert, an herbalist who has a good reputation, and of course we are talking minor problems here, so if you have a serious ailment don’t experiment please see your doctor. 

Disclaimer: I am not a medical person and the information I have gathered here is for interest purposes only and no claim is made that these can heal you of any ailment. 

You can locate more information online or books in your local library. 

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