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How to Get the Best Results While Using a Roach Killer? All You Need To Know in Getting Rid Of Bugs FAQs 2022

Do you enjoy this top 10 Roach killer guide? Still have questions? This FAQ will provide you with all the essential information to get the best results from a roach killer.

What is a Roach Killer, and What are Its Types?

Fundamentally speaking, a roach killer is something that physically eliminates cockroaches. It can be a trap or a poison that naturally kills the insects. Lures and traps of various kinds are, definitely, safer, which is important for those who have small children and/or pets.

That said, their effectiveness is lower ‘cause they don’t guarantee a complete elimination of all beetles. These bugs breed like rabbits, and if at least a couple of them are left, you may wait for a new invasion soon. That is why if you want to put a permanent end to the occupancy, buy a good cockroach killer and get them out of your place forever. What’s the best roach killer? Read our review and guide to know.

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Miracle – Used it one night, the next day I saw about ten big one came out in day time, looked very weak and started to die, all I did was picked up them to throw to trash bin. My kitchen is clean now, saw their body everywhere in cabinet, we moved stuffs and cleaned it out.

What Are The Types Of Roach Killers?

Poisons for cockroaches can come in various forms. Generally speaking, they are all effective, so the choice of the particular form will mainly depend on the convenience of use. Here are the main types of roach chemical killers.

  1. Sprays. To kill a beetle you need to spray the aerosol so that it would get on its body. A good example is the well-known Raid roach killer.
  2. Powders. Cockroaches are omnivorous creatures, so it’s not difficult to make them eat poisoned powder by pouring it on the floor. Moreover, these insects tend to eat each other. If a roach eats its poisoned mate, it will die as well.
  3. Gels. Usually, they serve lures. Roaches are attracted with the smell and taste of the gel, eat it and die in half an hour, as it contains a strong poison, commonly imidacloprid.
  4. Tablets of various types. There are “humane” tabs that cause infertility in she-roaches and prevent them from reproduction. Other types of tablets contain poisons, such as boric acid. Such tabs are a good way of a complete elimination of bugs, but they need to be kept away from pets and kids.

Why Roaches Are Hard To Get Rid Of?

  1. Some cockroaches can last from 3 to 6 months without food and water. Hunger doesn’t kill them.
  2. A roach can exist without a head. After decapitating all its systems and organs continue functioning as usual.
  3. Cockroaches can hold their breath for up to 40 minutes. They can survive virtually in any environment.
  4. Roaches are omnivorous insects. They can feed on anything resembling food and even each other.
  5. Cockroaches and scorpions are the only living beings that can survive an atomic explosion, ‘cause they are resistant to radiation.

How to Get the Best Results While Using a Roach Killer?

At first sight, it can seem that it is very easy to use roach killers – just follow the instructions on the manufacture and that’s all. However, not all brands provide detailed instructions for their products. Moreover, one shouldn’t forget that the best indoor roach killer products contain strong toxins that dangerous for people, pets and animals. That is why certain precautionary measures must be taken. Here are a couple of tips that will help you to make the newly bought Hot Shot ant and roach killer or any other similar product safer and more effective.

  • Think Where to Place Baits and Traps

The placement of insect killing products will depend on their type. Thus, glued traps that don’t contain any toxic components can be placed wherever it’s needed, including shelves of cupboards and drawers with kitchenware. As for the stations containing poisoned baits, such as Raid ant and roach killer, they are not recommended for the use near food products.
Irrespective of the killer type, it is supposed to be used in places where roaches are most likely to appear. These are relatively hidden from eyes, dark, and not very clean: behind a gas stove or a refrigerator, under the sink, behind the toilet bowl, under a bath and so on. Try not to touch these places when the baits are there: don’t clean them, don’t use deodorants or any substances with a strong scent in order not to repel the insects.

  • Replace Regularly

Keep in mind that the guaranteed roach killer effectiveness tends to decrease over time. Baits can get dried and become unattractive, and adhesive properties of traps can weaken. That is why it is important to replace them regularly. In cases of severe infestations, traps can get full fast, even before the glued surface dries, so check it regularly.

  • Keep away from Pets and Kids

It goes without saying that all types of anti-roaches products must be kept away from your beloved pets, especially dogs and, of course, children. Probably, an adult dog will not die after swallowing one portion of bait but it can get a severe intoxication with all that it implies: vomiting, stomach ache, high temperature and so on. To prevent problems, keep unused baits on the upper shelves, out of pets’ and children’s reach. Also, try to dispose of used items together with dead insects as soon as possible.

What Should You Know about Cockroach Traps?

A: Traps are the simplest and the safest method of fighting against roaches. They don’t contain any poison; instead, they come in the form of a box covered with strong glue from inside. Roaches crawl into the box and get glued. Once the box is full, you utilize it in any way you wish. Despite their convenience, traps have some disadvantages: live glued roaches look horrible and traps are less effective than poison.

What are Roach Traps Good for?

A: Traps are good for those who have small children or pets at home as they are non-toxic and eco-friendly. That said, keep in mind that they are useless in the cases of severe invasions.

What Attracts Roaches in the House?

A: Roaches are primarily attracted by food. They are omnivorous; i.e. they eat literally everything and even each other.

How Can I Get Rid of Roaches Permanently?

A: The most effective method is total physical elimination of all roaches and further keeping your home clean and tidy. But it is not an easy task – cockroaches tend to multiply very quickly. The solution is to use special baits that contain ingredients influencing bug fertility.

What is the Best Home Remedy to Get Rid of Roaches?

There are several simple home remedies that help to fight with cockroaches. Of course, they are less effective than chemicals and in the cases of severe infestations they can turn useless but why not try these cheap and eco-friendly remedies? Some of them include sugar & baking soda, boric acid, and fabric softener spray. Also, you can try natural repellents – bay leaves, lemon juice, and coffee grains.

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