Why You Must Properly Fledge Parrots: The Importance And Benefits Of Fledging Young Parrots 2022

In the wild, young parrots prepare for their first flight long before the critical event occurs. Peeking out of their safe nesting holes at the exciting world outside is the first step. Suddenly eating, sibling rivalry and playing are less important.

Weight loss helps in their first flight success.

A lot of time is spent exercising, and planning for the big event. Failure means sure death. This is by far one of the most critical developmental stages in a bird’s life. This will help young birds develop both physically and emotionally.  

This does not mean adult parrots should fly around the house. However, it is very important young birds learn controlled flight before trimming their wings.

Once these skills are acquired, your parrot should start a progressive trim, one or two feathers at a time (both wings) until the correct clip is complete.

Benefits From Properly Fledged Birds

  • Proper chest musculature development.
  • Good posture and foot-claw strength.
  • Quick decision making needed for survival.
  • Courage, self-esteem, and confidence help eliminate future behavior problems (Screaming, Biting, and Picking).

Any breeder or pet store that does not take the time to properly wean, socialize and fledge baby parrots before selling, is lazy and unprofessional.  

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