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Bring The Wonders Of The Garden Into Your Own Bedroom: Ideas To Make Over Your Room 2022

There’s nothing as relaxing and magical as being in an outdoor space with the grass, trees, and flowers around and the natural light pouring in.

However, not all of us are blessed with a garden space – or maybe the weather isn’t quite up to relaxing in your garden. Either way, a great compromise is to utilise one of interior design’s hottest trends and bring the garden into you, with pieces designed to give a horticultural vibe that will enforce a natural atmosphere.

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Furniture Choice

The first thing to think about it is choice of furniture. If you have a large bedroom, a simple chair or sofa can be a key piece, and if you choose to give a garden theme to the room, choosing this accurately is an excellent place to start.

If you really want to make it feel outdoors, a garden style metalwork chair can look unique and quirky, or a bench by a window instead of a plush sofa can similarly bring the charm of enjoying a sit down outside into your own space.

If you simply want to incorporate outdoor freshness whilst keeping your comforts, having this upholstered in a floral print might be a better option.

You can get these kinds of fabrics from any good specialist. Key colours to think about are floral shades like pink, pale yellow, apricot, or if you’d like a more evergreen feel, all shades of mint and green in leafy prints work well. You might decide to put it onto bedding or curtains.

You can try and find wallpaper that matches your choice, as many retailers release their prints in a variety of textiles. Alternatively you can mix and match garden fabrics to create the sense of a garden rich in variety. On a carpet, a similar floral print can work well, but better are leaf print tiles – it’ll really give a sense of walking outside.

Curtains in particular can be a great way to continue the outdoor view inside. While usually curtains are a way of ending the outdoors and introducing the indoor scheme to the eye, this can be a way of creating continuation of the view, so take note of what’s outside your window – create contrasts or links between the colours outside and in.

If there’s a lot of grey outside, colours are good to choose, while a busy landscape can be tamed by simple greens.

Importance Of Windows

Windows are a really important thing to consider, as outdoor areas have lots of natural light. To truly capture the atmosphere of being outside, you’ll need to get as much natural sunlight as possible.

You can do this by choosing a room that faces the sun in the daytime and making sure your curtains are light coloured and not heavy, so you can wake up doused in sunshine. A great option is skylights, if you’re in an attic try positioning the bed underneath for views of the stars.

However, it may be that you aren’t looking to overhaul the room, just make some tweaks. There are lots of things you can do – a simple floral cushion or throw, a bonsai tree on the bedside table, or an inside window display are all rewarding and fun. The whole family can get involved to bring the garden to you.

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