Where Do You Put Your Coffee On A Garden Bench? The Solution To Quality Self-Time

It’s only the beginning of week two of the holidays and already I’m starting to need just five minutes to escape. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my boys with a passion that is quite scary… but, by golly somedays

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Today was a someday. And even though they were both playing so beautifully together, and yet apart, I just got that school holidays claustrophobic feeling.

You know the feeling…

That need to breathe my own air (not helped by junior having beans for dinner), that need to think an adult thought or two (like what’s for dinner, what’s on TV tonight, what happened in the book I was reading), that need to sit in absolute silence without even hearing the sound of anyone else breathing, that feeling of being in your own space.

So, although it was raining, I decided that the only place of solitude still within ear-shot of any out-breaks of screaming was my Olde Faithful Garden Bench.

Equipped with my coffee, and the dreams that are fed into your brain by adverts about how wonderful this coffee will actually be, I crept outside (trying not to trip over the cat, slam the door shut in the gusting wind, or spill the oh-so-wanted coffee).

So far so good you might think. Youthinks wrong dear friend. Wrong!

Now here’s the problem.

The thought of sitting on a bench in the garden to have a coffee break is always one of those pleasant ideas until you try it and then, well, it’s never, quite, so pleasant as your imagination will present it.

And the reason is, quite simply…

Where do you put your coffee?

Do you balance it on a bench slat and hope it doesn’t wobble;

Hold it in your hand and hope it doesn’t get too hot;

Put it on the ground and hope you don’t fall off the bench or break a rib stretching for it;

Drag a table up next to your bench which somehow defeats the whole idea of sitting on the bench (just me? yeah, thought so).

Anyhows… what is one to do???

The solution is, of course, a bench with a table built on it.

Here it comes… click the colored box below to read a review of a beautiful bench made from recycled White Cedar wooden logs. It’s a true work of art – and rather useful too.

I’m now off to find a cardboard box that is just the right size to place on the bench and yet be at table height, before anyone notices I’m missing… darn it… too late!!!

Bye for now!

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