Top Environment And Cage Tips For Parrot Owners: How To Make Your Parrot Comfortable At Home 2022

Proper Sized Cages

Please put your birds in proper size Parrot Cages.  Birds need to play, eat, sleep, bathe, exercise and forage during the day.  If we can’t provide aviaries for our birds, They should be in as large a cage as we can afford. 

If you can’t afford a large cage, try making one or consider a smaller parrot. We have no right owning a parrot unless we can provide the proper environment…..

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Solid Parrot Cage, Happy Parrot – If you can afford it, you should probably purchase a new parrot cage every few years. Birds make a mess and after so many cleanings, any cage will start to show wear.

Remember, The larger the cage, the more natural of an environment we can provide (Trees, Ropes, bathing area etc.).  Cages should be filled with natural branches for foot exercise, rope perches for comfort and sleep, cement perches for nails and beaks and non-toxic live branches for chewing.

Full Spectrum Lighting

Indoor birds should be provided with full spectrum lighting. This gives your birds the same benefit as natural sunlight, with vitamin D-3 needed for the body to absorb calcium.

Toys For Parrots

Parrots should be provided with plenty of toys designed to challenge their minds and keep their interest.  Parrots love color, movement and sound. If a toy has all these characteristics as well as durability, chances are your bird will enjoy it.

Parrots want to explore, crack, peel and dig to find food. This is natural foraging behavior. Put their fresh food all over the cage for them to explore and find. There are plenty of food puzzle toys available.

Cage Placement

One of the common causes of behavior problems is cage placement. In the wild birds can fly away from places they feel threatened. Birds are often placed in high traffic areas causing them to be uncomfortable. It is important to include your bird in family activity but always make sure your bird has a way out physically and visually.

This can be obtained by putting the cage in a corner or at least five feet from traffic. Parrots also love the stimulation of being by a window but make sure you cover half the cage so he has a safe place to retreat.

A noisy environment will create a noisy bird. Birds mirror the energy level of their environment; this is considered normal flock behavior. In the wild when one bird screams, they all scream. If you want your bird to be quiet, you need to be quiet.

If your home is noisy late into the evening it is a good idea to give your bird a separate sleep cage to make sure your bird gets at least 8 to 10 hours of sleep. An over tired bird can become irritable causing behavior problems. This separate cage can also be used as a time out cage (not punishment), when your bird gets too excited.

I think it is healthy for a parrot to have many different perching areas in the home, This helps eliminate territorial behavior and prevents boredom. 

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