5 Ideas To Decorate For A Moroccan Caravan Style Garden Party 2021: Invite Your Friends To A Stylish Summer Party

Alfresco parties tend to involve rigid and uncomfortable garden tables and chairs. Picking the right outdoor furniture is important even if you’re only planning a lazy day in the garden. Here are some simple ideas to spruce up a garden party and make it more like a Moroccan Caravan:

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The Table:

Wicker or rattan outdoor tables and chairs tick all the boxes for comfort, durability, and portability. They look elegant when placed on a patio or under the eaves of some trees during a summer garden party.

A glass-top table shows off the earthy rattan or wicker underneath. Add a Lazy Susan, umbrella and organize extra storage space underneath for keeping BBQ utensils.

The Chairs:

Old-fashioned wrought iron chairs look beautiful and last the distance through the years. They can be made more comfortable and appealing with the addition of plush cushions and canvas coverlets.

Folding wooden chairs with canvas seats are stylish, practical, and excellent for basking in the sun. Some are finished with weather-resistant paint to make them more durable.

The Shelter:

Lighting storms and hail still happen sometimes, even in the summer. To be on the safe side, decorate the garage with fairy lights or buy a cheap tent. A yurt or canvas canopy is another option that’s normally pretty easy to assemble and doesn’t cost the earth.

The Food:

Skewers of seasonal vegetables and lean meat, plus a crunchy salad are healthy crowd-pleasers. Snacks like a melon with Parma ham, fruit salad, and wasabi peas work well for snacking.

The Extras:

Moroccan lamps with different-colored bulbs will glint and glimmer in the long twilight. Citronella candles are practical for keeping bugs away and have an appealing citrus scent as well.

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