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Everything You Need To Know About Bee Suit: The Ultimate Protection Guide 2022

What is a Bee Suit and What are the Common Suit Types?

A bee suit is a piece of professional beekeeper clothes. Its main purpose is protection of the body and face during regular and seasonal works with hives. Depending on the construction, several bee keeper suit types are distinguished.

  • Half suits and full suits. A half suit consists of a hat with a veil, a jacket to protect the body, and sometimes – gloves and/or boots. All these elements can be combined or worn separately. A full suit is a one-piecer that protects the whole body, boots, and gloves.
  • Ventilated and non-ventilated options. Taking into account the fact that, for the most part, you’ll have to work with bees in summer, ventilated models appear to be a preferable option.
    In our review, we’ll cover suits of different types and try to single out the best options. Keep on reading to know the details.

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How To Choose Bee Suit?

A good bee protection suit must meet multiple requirements. Ideally, it should combine a strong protection and breathable materials; be easy to put on and lightweight; provide the maximum comfort and not to restrain movements. Here are some important things to consider before buying a bee suit.

  • Ventilation

Most suits come ventilated but the degree and quality of aeration varies. If you live in one of the southern regions with hot climate, choose the best ventilated bee suit; otherwise, you’ll suffer from heat and swelter during the midday hours.

  • Size

A beekeeper costume should be large enough for you to wear it over your casual clothes. It must provide enough freedom of movements, so don’t worry if it looks and feels oversized.

  • Material

Commonly, bee suits are made of cotton that is lightweight, natural, and provide a better ventilation. Additionally, they can feature some mesh insets and foam layers that protect from stings. For the utmost sting protection, you may want to buy a suit made of synthetic materials – nylon, vinyl, etc.

  • Bees Proof

Protection from bee stings is the main purpose of wearing a honey bee suit. Before making a purchase, make sure the costume provides the needed level of protection. It is especially important to pay due attention to the protection of the face and hands.

  • Veil

A veil is a mandatory element of a sting-proof bee suit. Its main task is to keep bees far from your face without obstructing a view. A veil must be strong enough but lightweight. Some suits feature foldable veils that add convenience.

  • Easy to Wear and Remove

Working with Bees, you’ll inevitably have to put on and take off a protective bee suit quite frequently. It’s important to be able to do it with no hassle. Many suits feature convenient fastenings, Velcro straps, and zippers that make it easier to put them on quickly.

Why Do You Need a Bee Keepers Suit?

Is it possible to work with bees without any special clothes at all? Probably, there are some old-school bee keepers who practice such an approach. Moreover, some of them believe that bee stings have a healing effect. That said, there are many reasons to use a bee suit regardless of your experience in the field of bee keeping.

  • It protects from bee stings. It is impossible to prevent or avoid bee stings, as you can’t work in the bee yard without disturbing the pests. Even if the stings don’t cause any real harm to you, they are painful and annoying. The only way out is to protect your body with the help of a suit.
  • It protects from allergic reactions. If you are not allergic you are lucky. But many people can experience severe allergic reactions caused by bee stings. To prevent it one needs to completely exclude the probability of stinging by using a heavy-duty bee suit.
  • It protects honey bees. It can sound weird but it is a 100% truth. You must be aware of the fact that bees die after they sting someone. When you prevent stings you save the lives of your honey bees without exaggeration.
  • Professional reasons. If beekeeping is a business, not a hobby, bee suits are commonly a uniform that is mandatory to wear.

Thus, a bee suit is not just a piece of clothes that empathizes your status. There are some purely utilitarian reasons to wear it every time you are going to check your hives or do any seasonal works in the bee yard.

Amazing Facts about Beekeeping

  1. A bee queen never stings people, even if somebody touches it with bare hands.
  2. 100 simultaneous bee stings can cause death. Some people die after a single sting.
  3. Dark colors irritate bees and can provoke their aggression. That is why bee suits are commonly made white,
  4. Bees can entangle themselves in pile fabric, so bee suits are made of smooth fabric.
  5. A bee dies after a single sting, so wearing protective clothes protects not only yourself but also honey bees.

Can You Still Get Stung in a Bee Suit?

A bee suit provides good protection from bee stings. But occasionally, you can get stung even when in a protective jacket. Commonly, it occurs in one of the cases: when the fabric is too thin, (this is typical for cheap options) or when you are attacked by a larger pest, such as a hornet. To protect yourself from wasps and hornets consider buying the best bee suit for hornets.

Will a Bee Suit Protect against Wasps?

It depends on the suit. Most high-quality bee suits protect against mosquitoes, wasps, hornets, spiders, and other flying and crawling pests.

Are Bee Suits Sting-Proof?

All the bee suits protect from stings to some extent. That said, not all of them do it equally great. If elastics on the wrists and ankles are not tight enough, bees can crawl under them and sting you anyway. If the fabric is thin, bees can sting through it. Meanwhile, there are 100% sting-proof options. Thus, according to Ultra Breeze bee suit reviews, this costume perfectly protects from most flying pests.

What is a Bee Suit Made of?

The most popular material for making bee suits is polycotton; that is, a blend of cotton and polyester. That said, you can also find mesh bee suit options made of 100% polyester or vinyl + polyester. Some manufacturers, in turn, use 100% cotton for the production of their clothes.

How to Wash a Bee Suit?

The best approach is to check recommendations for every particular suit. As a general rule of thumb, most of them require either hand washing or cold machine washing.

How Does a Bee Suit Work?

A bee suit works as protective clothing for your body, hands, feet, and face. Depending on the model, it covers the whole body or certain body parts, preventing bee stings. A veil that is commonly attached to a hat or a helmet makes bees keep away from your face without obstructing the view.

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