Tips For Choosing A High-Quality Birdcage Make Your Birds Comfortable At Home

Tips For Choosing A High-Quality Birdcage 2022: Make Your Birds Comfortable At Home

Choosing an appropriate birdcage is important for the well-being of your bird! Think about your pet’s needs before making a decision. There are several factors to consider that ultimately depend on the type of bird that will keep you company.

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When buying an HQ birdcage, size really matters. Ideally, you should buy the largest cage that you can afford to afford. Also consider the space you have, especially if it is a bird that prefers to avoid human contact and will spend a lot of time in the cage.

The minimum size of your birdcage depends on the type of birds that will live there. For example, a small bird such as a finch may be content with a 45x45x75 cm cage, while a large macaw would require a cage of at least 90x120x150 cm.

The breeder, the animal shelter or the pet shop from which you will buy your bird will be able to advise you on the type of cage to buy.

You will also have the choice of forms, the square cages and rectangular being preferred over round or pointed models, although they are appreciated for their aesthetics. Also be careful of the spacing between the bars, which should not allow birds to pass their heads.

Also think about the practical and safe aspect. For this purpose, make sure that the door of the cage is big enough so that you can pass the hand. The closure system must be designed so that the bird cannot escape, especially in the case of parrots, able to use their beak to open it.

To facilitate cleaning, a removable bottom is ideal, preferably separated from the rest of the cage by a grid so that the legs of the bird or birds are not in contact with their droppings. Depending on the size of the cage, casters can be a plus for ease of movement, ensuring however that it can pass through the door, both in width and height.

Bar Spacing

Allow for proper spacing between the bars. If the bars of a cage are too far apart, your bird could escape or get hurt by trapping between them. However, bars too close together may not provide a very pleasant environment for the inhabitants of the cage. Here too, a correct spacing of the bars depends on the species of birds you choose.


The material is another essential consideration in choosing a cage. Cages made of metal or wires are usually the most common. They are durable and affordable, but can rust if they get wet and are not always the most attractive option.

You can find painted cages, but if you prefer another solution, you can also opt for a powder-coated cage, because the paint is not toxic and does not flake. Stainless steel cages are much more durable and will not rust, but tend to be more expensive.

Choosing a cage for your feathered boyfriend is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. Make your choice carefully to give your bird the best shelter you can afford.

The Location Of A Birdcage

The ideal is to place the birdcage in a room where you are often presenting, protected from outside noise, and rather high to be safe from children and possible pets. There are also standing HQ bird cages, which also put your birds within sight.

The temperature should not be too cool or too high: avoid facing south or north, and too close to a heater or air conditioner. Birds also fear direct sunlight, as well as drafts, cooking vapors, and cigarette smoke. Also, remember to ventilate the room regularly.

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