4 Methods Of Domestic Waste Disposal: Dispose Waste The Proper Way For Better Living Habits And Environmental Protection 2021

All household generates waste. However, very few actually know how to dispose them off properly. With the recent emphasis on recycling and reuse, the government has tried to inculcate the habit of proper waste disposal in its citizens.

When you dispose your waste properly, you take a step in ensuring that your immediate surrounding is safe from impact of hazardous substances. Here are four methods for proper disposal of domestic waste –

1. Recycling

Recycling is one of the most well know method of managing waste. It is not expensive and can be easily done by you. When you recycle, you also save energy and money. You can recycle papers, glass, aluminum and plastics.

Use papers with prints on one side as scrap paper instead of throwing them away. Ask your children to use cardboard boxes to create handicrafts. Recycling also helps you reduce the volume of the waste you send to landfills.

You can eliminate batteries, tires and asphalt from ending up in the landfills and incinerator. The municipality of almost all cities encourages their citizens to take up recycling. Be a responsible citizen and reduce your waste by recycling.

2. Composting

This is a natural process that is completely free of any hazardous by-products. This process involves breaking down the materials into organic compounds that can be used as manure. You can carry out composting in your own backyard.

You can compost almost the waste product except bones, animal body parts and metals. You can use leaves, grass, twigs, vegetable and fruit peels, nut hulls, eggshells, tea bags, ground coffee and even paper.

You can use bins that are approved by the DATS Environmental Services for composting. After a few days, you will see that the matter has decomposed. You can use this compost, which is rich in nutrients, to improve the soil in your garden.

3. Landfills

In landfills, a large area is dug open and filled with the waste. The area is then covered up with soil. Landfills are not safe because they give off gases like methane, which are highly hazardous. You should not carry out waste management through landfills if you cannot ensure proper safety means.

The landfill should be properly lined and the waste should not come in contact with the adjoining areas. Individuals normally do not carry out disposal through landfills. The waste that is carried by the municipality lands up here.

It is your duty as a citizen to ensure that you do not dispose hazardous wastes in the same packets as normal wastes because they will also end up in the landfill and cause great environmental hazards.

4. Burning The Waste Material

Burning the waste material is also a quick way to dispose domestic waste. However, be carefully to check whether the waste you are combusting are safe to burn and would not cause explosions or create fumes that are bad for health.

These are the four most popular methods of disposing domestic wastes. Domestic waste is less in volume and therefore easier to dispose.

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