12 Things You Need To Pay Attention To Before Buying Or Using A Chipper Shredder: The Ultimate Safety Tips And FAQs 2021

Have you determined to buy a new wood shredder yet have some questions bothering you? Well, here is an extended FAQ you may find useful. Check it, read the answers so that you have no unsolved questions left.

What Are The Different Types Of Chipper Shredder?

A chipper shredder is a machine designed to grind, shred and cut larger organic matter into small pieces. People broadly use these machines to composting, mulching and disposing of their yard waste. Chipper shredders can break down larger tree branches into small coin-sized circles, reduce cumbersome pieces into small material, thus creating a perfect cultivation material for your garden and yard.

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Impressed with this unit, sturdy steel. Quality construction. – This unit is made of heavy guage steel, much better than any plastic. The metal blades and powerful motor, much more than the ‘string trimmer’ types that many of the others are. If you put too many leaves at once, it is possible to choke and stall the motor, but scooping reasonable amounts at a time with two rakes, it powers right through dry/moderately damp leaves.

Today we can differentiate several types of these machines. Depending on your specific needs, choose an appropriate type.

  • Electric

These are more affordable, lighter yet less powerful machines compared to gas ones. Even the best electric chipper shredder doesn’t have higher power than 2 hp! They are intended for processing leaves, food scraps, sticks, light shrubbery. More expensive and larger models can handle thin tree branches as well. Besides, electric machines have a higher weight-to-power ratio.
On the other hand, these shredders need an outlet nearby or heavy-duty extension cords to be switched on.

  • Gasoline

Most gardeners choose gasoline-powered chipper shredders. The power here ranges from 4hp up to 10hp. So, it becomes clear these machines are designed for all types of jobs you think a chipper shredder should handle. They can handle tree branches with over 2 inches in diameter, don’t need any extension cords or outlets, are really very powerful, efficient, and work fast.
On the other hand, gas models are heavy-weight, priced much higher, and work more noisily than electric ones.

  • Gasoline Walk Behind Vacuum

These are highly convenient and efficient models. By simply pushing a yardman chipper shredder vacuum machine around the yard, you get the whole raking and mulching work done with a breeze. The vacuum pulls the debris into the blades which chop it into mulch or composting material. It features a big bag on the back to collect the ready compost.
The power of a gasoline walk behind vacuum is between 5 and 10hp. These are perhaps the most efficient yet expensive models.

  • Gas vs Electric Chipper/Shredder

To better understand the difference between a gas leaf shredder chipper and an electric one, it’s worth having a look at the main pros and cons they have.

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Gasoline-powered Chipper Shredder?

Pros of gasoline-powered machines:

  • Work faster
  • Are more powerful than electric ones
  • Can chip thicker branches (up to 3 inches in diameter)
  • Don’t need any extension cords

Cons of gasoline-powered machines:

  • Work noisily
  • Are heavy and expensive
  • Have more parts to maintain, must be winterized before the cold season starts

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Electric Chipper Shredder?

Pros of electric shredders:

  • Are compact and lightweight
  • Cost inexpensive
  • Have a higher weight-to-power ratio
  • Produces no smoke, gas or fume

Cons of electric shredders:

  • Are less powerful than gas ones
  • Require an outlet nearby or a heavy-duty extension cord
  • Not intended for chipping thick branches

What Is The Difference Between A Chipper, Shredder, And Mulcher?

These are all big outdoor tools made to reduce the yard waste and recycle it. The outputs can later be used to pave line flowerbeds, walkways, and create compost.
A chipper is designed to break solid tree branches to chips ranging from 1 to 3 inches long. A wood shredder, meanwhile, is made to mash and shred tree branches into smaller pieces which can later be composted. A wood mulcher is a grinder head that can mulch the waste and turn it to a ready compost.

How To Choose The Best Chipper Shredder?

When choosing a chipper shredder, there are certain features to consider besides the type and the price. In fact, these features can either make your life a lot easier or on the contrary, a lot harder. Let’s review them one by one:

  • Mounting Option

There are chipper shredders with top-mounted hoppers, and those featuring side-mounted branch chutes. The second option is especially convenient to handle larger tree branches. They skip past the flails and go straight to the chipping blades to be recycled efficiently. The bigger the chute of the machine is, the larger branches it can recycle.

  • Top-Mounted Hopper

A machine with a top-mounted hopper is highly convenient to use. You simply drop the food waste, branches, or debris into your 5hp chipper shredder from the top and the machine recycles it.

  • Reduction Ratio

This factor indicates the volume reduction the machine can achieve. Generally, it ranges from 10:1 to 20:1. This means that the machines are able to cut the volume of the debris to 10% of its original volume.

  • Number of Blades/Flails

Another important factor to consider is the number of flails or blades the machine has. The more blades there are, the longer they will serve. Hence, you won’t have to sharpen or replace the blades often.

  • Feed Capacity

This indicator shows how much yard debris you can fit into the machine at one time. There are different models with various chutes that have different values for every entry point or chute.

  • Noisiness

Depending on the type of the machine, its noisiness differs. Gas-powered models are much more powerful yet at the same time noisier than electric ones. If this is a big concern for you, opt for a higher-powered electric tool.

What Are The Essential Knowledge Of Chipper Shredders?

  1. A large yardman chipper shredder can be dangerous for its user. It can even suck a hand if safety rules aren’t adhered to.
  2. This machines can spew large bits of materials thus harming the user. Hence, it’s important to get ensured there is no metal, stone, or other hard materials embedded in the wood.
  3. The Bandit Beast line of industrial wood chipper popular since 1968 includes the biggest models designed for completing huge recycling projects. The biggest 4680XP model has 1200 hp.
  4. The first wood chipper was invented by Peter Jensen in 1884. It was named “Marke Angeln” and was a huge success in the industry.
  5. Prices for wood chippers can reach up to $10K. Yet, nowadays it is possible to rent a small-to-moderate capacity shredder at about $300 per day.

How To Maintain Your Chipper Shredder?

Whether you have purchased a yard machine chipper shredder 10 hp or a weaker electric one, it needs some maintenance. Perhaps the first rule is to keep the blades sharp. If they get dull, the motor of the machine will have to work overloaded and will go out of order sooner. As a rule, extra blades or sharpening tools come with these machines. Sharpen or replace the blades once needed.

The second maintenance rule is to never leave the equipment out in the elements. The machine parts will degrade faster and go out of order.

Anyway, if you are interested in motor-specific maintenance tips, here are a few recommendations.

Gasoline-Powered Machines:

  • Always monitor the oil level of your shredder. You must never use the machine when the oil is lower than necessary, as this will destroy the machine parts.
  • After using your chipper shredder for around 20 hours, replace its oil entirely. Then repeat this every 100 hours.
  • Always check whether all the parts of your equipment are in order and there’s no oil leakage.
  • Make certain you always have additional air filters at hand to replace them when necessary.

Electric Wood Chippers:

  • The right extension cord is a must if you have got an electric machine. A large gauge cord will prevent any voltage dropping.
  • In most electric chipper shredder reviews you can find information about shredding only dry materials. Wet tree branches or leaves may stall the machine.

How to Sharpen Chipper Shredder Blades?

In case you have determined to sharpen the blades of your wood chipper yourself instead of taking them to a professional, be cautious neither to get hurt nor destroy the blades. A professional grinder is to be used. When sharpening, make certain the blades stay cool. For this, take frequent pauses and use a wet wheel. A diamond whetstone can be used, too to sharpen the blades by hand.
A chipper shredder blade must be sharpened only one inch of their original size. This way you can guarantee their efficiency.

How to Use a Chipper Shredder?

Before you start your machine, read the instructions carefully. Put on close-fitting clothes (so that it doesn’t get caught in the machine) and gloves, as well as special eye and ear protection accessories. Make certain you use the equipment purposefully.
Next prepare the area. Choose an even surface (with no slopes), clean it, sort the material beforehand excluding any foreign objects such as plastic, stone, branches in excess of the stated capacity, and make certain the machine is positioned so that the wind blows the produced dust away from the engine.
Afterward, turn and position the blow chute as mentioned in the instructions. If there’s enough oil in the equipment and no material in the shredder hopper, yet, start the engine.

What to Do With Your Chips and Shreds?

Almost in every chipper shredder review, we have come across, people praise the efficiency of wood chips and shreds for their gardens. There’s even no need to recycle them again. Use the chips and shreds by simply spreading them over the soil around your flowers and plants to prevent any weed growth. Besides, these chips will keep the soil warm. They will absorb the excess water and slow down the evaporation process.
Another great variant is to shred the chips into mulch with grass cuttings and dead leaves. Such an organic matter will have an amazing effect on your plants.
Anyway, if you don’t intend to use your chips and shreds in the garden, make pressed wood. The latter can later be used in the creation of pallets or inexpensive furniture.

How to Replace Tire on Chipper/Shredder?

If your chipper shredder is huge with wheels or a walk behind type, then you may face the problem of replacing a tire. This task is similar to replacing a tire on any other garden equipment. Find a proper size tire first. Make certain the machine is on lock-down and get it off the ground. Using a tire iron break the beads without hitting the rim and remove the inner tube (if there’s one). Get the new tire on by setting it on the rim at about 45-degree angle and secure the beads with a ratchet strap.

What RPM Does a 12p Chipper-Shredder Go?

When buying a chipper shredder, it’s important to check the RPM of the machine. This feature measures how fast the machine rotates. This is determined by the power of the machine’s motor. If you have got an electric shredder with 12amp power, its RPM will be 4500 RPM.

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