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Sun Joe TJ600E Electric Tiller Review (2022)

Sun Joe TJ600E 14-Inch 6.5 Amp Electric Tiller Joe Garden Tiller/Cultivator REVIEW

Sun Joe TJ600E 14-Inch 6.5 Amp Electric Tiller Joe Garden Tiller/Cultivator lightweight at only 17 lbs.

The Sun Joe Tiller Joe TJ600E Electrical Tiller/Cultivator holds the energy discovered inside a gas tiller using the comfort of electrical energy. Weighing in at 17 lbs the Tiller Joe is simple to make use of in any scenario; for example beginning a manufacturer new garden or recovering an old lawn.

Its four steel angled tines allow the Tiller Joe to loosen the ground and make any planting or dirt removal simpler than with hand resources; relieving strain about the operator by utilizing energy and decreasing pounds and motion through the operator.

No tune ups or oil are required, actually. This device is ETL inspected and approved and arrives having a complete two 12 months warranty from your producer. 

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✅ Best Sun Joe TJ600E Joe 14-Inch 6.5 Amp Electric Tiller

The little machine that does big work – It sure beats a shovel. Easy to assemble and use. Being electric is a nice feature . It would be better with a reverse as things like roots get trapped in the bottom. I’d recommend bringing a pair of scissors box cutter or something to pull them from the tiller part every ten minutes or so . Just to keep it working at full force. For the cost it’s a great buy.

The Sun Joe TJ600E electric tiller is a powerful garden tiller. For the amount of power it kicks out, it is very light weight. Other heavier gas powered tiller require dragging and heaving the tool around, but the TJ600E makes breaking up your soil a simple task.

This product is more powerful than it looks. One customer suggests that you make sure to have a firm grasp on the handles when you turn it on so it doesn’t jump out of your hands.

The TJ600E requires very little amounts of assembly. Assembling the tiller is as easy as screwing in the bolts to attach the handle, and plugging in the cord.

You could have your tiller out of the box, assembled, and tearing through dirt in under 10 minutes! This tiller has nearly double the amount of tines (or teeth) it’s competitors have, and for nearly half the price.

This tool can cut deep into dirt with a pass or two of the tines across the ground. Tilling is easy work too, customers say it feels similar to mowing your lawn at a slower speed. Slow walking and letting your electric tiller shred deep into the ground will save you loads of time and physical labor.

The hardy build of this tiller has been highly reviewed by customers as well. One customer reports after accidentally tilling into an 8×8 chunk of submerged concrete, getting her tines stuck in it, and hammering the concrete out of the ground to break her tiller free, that no damage had been done to her tillers engine from a hard stop, or to her tillers teeth from getting stuck in the concrete. You won’t be disappointed in this well made easy to use tool.

Benefits Of Using An Electric Garden Tiller

  • An electric garden tiller has several benefits over other kinds of garden tillers. To start with, they are less expensive than gas models, so the impact on your pocketbook won’t be quite as significant. What is more, you will find that the cost of maintaining an electric garden tiller is also lower than a gas one, so the continuing costs of owning one will not be dramatic.
  • Another beneficial thing about electric garden tillers is that they are much quieter than their gas counterparts. You won’t cause quite as much of a disturbance when you employ them in your garden, and the sound won’t irritate you or your neighbors in the way that gas versions sometimes do.
  • An additional downside to gas tillers is that they can take a bit of oomph to get started, and often people don’t have the upper body strength to continuously be pulling the start cord – gardening is sweaty work already, you definitely don’t need to add to your labor.
  • Electric garden tillers are very handy for getting into corners and awkward areas. Because they are easy to maneuver, you won’t have to forego those hard-to-reach areas of your garden, as the electric garden tiller will squeeze right in.

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