How To Select The Right Roman Blinds For Your Home: Your Perfect Interior Curtain Guide 2022

In recent years roman blinds have become a more popular choice of window coverings for many families around the home, many homes have now replaced the traditional curtain and incorporated a modern and reliable blind system.

This has been down to many things; they can be practical, stylish, modern and most importantly affordable. Roman blinds are a type of blind that are folded or pleated when they are raised. Many homes are now incorporating these into their windows as they now offer a wide range of fabrics, patterns, colours and fashionable styles.

It has now become difficult to choose the right blinds as the options are wide and varied; here are some factors that can help your decision though.

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✅ Best Roman Shades For Windows

Nice affordable Roman shade! – This product was extremely easy to install on our door. originally ordered privacy film which didn’t work out, but you glad it didn’t because this is a much better option. It gives you more options to see outside without having to remove the film but also add privacy when needed via magnet holds! Genius. It’s super light-weight as well and has no weight at the bottom, preventing it from banging against the door every time we open and close the door.

Roman blinds can usually be mounted over the frame of any window, if the woodwork or frame is particularly distinctive, installing the blinds in the frame can show off the architectural elements of the window.

If your frame is made out of natural wood then consider selecting a nice shade of brown or beige. Another option would be to look at using fabric patterned blinds which contain a complementing shade within its design.

The theme and style of your space may also cater for the blinds to be mounted over the window frames. This display option enables home owners to cover irregular shaped windows, making a more cohesive layout.  

A great example of this is the covering of any damage or unsightly frames with dark blinds, this will draw attention away from the areas you wish not to be seen.

Light Considerations

When looking at selecting a certain colour, material or even the pattern of a blind it is advisable to remember that whichever you choose will have an effect on the lighting in your room. If your room is one that has a lot of natural light then consider opting for a darker colour such as black roman blinds.

If your room needs to attract more light then choose lightly coloured or patterned fabrics.  If you are looking for a visual impact then consider the selection of patterned blinds as they can create a great visual piece for your space.

Finding The Right Style

Interior Goods Direct offers a wide range of window treatments and coverings which can range from tailored chic to billowing and soft.  You can get a design to suits your theme or space that can provide swag or curve when drawn or a covering that can be completely straight, depending on your preferences.

Whichever room in your home you are looking to install roman blinds within, remember that you should always take the shape, size, and style of the windows into consideration.

The amount of sunlight you want to be drawn into your room should form the basis of your overall decision, don’t just buy a colour you love, consider the effects of the colours on the overall theme and warmth of your décor. I hope these words of advice help you find your perfect window covering.

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