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How Effective Are Ultrasonic Repellers? Tips You Need For Keeping Insects At Bay With Ease 2022

Once pests appear in your house, they are hard to get rid of. Extermination is a dirty work: you have to deal with poisons, clean up the waste and keep tabs on the pesky creatures to control their population. How to ease this work? Buy the best ultrasonic pest repeller, and the problem of infestation will be solved once and forever.

What Is a Pest Repeller And Where Is It Applied?

This is an electronic device that serves to make pests flee from your territory. The vast majority of gadgets are plug-in models (they are installed in rooms), though some models can work on your backyard, or be portable to ensure protection during outdoor activities.

How does it work? Ultrasound attracts pests, later they find it annoying and irritating, which makes them leave the territory. In 3-4 weeks, such sound damages their nervous system.

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✅ Best For Children And Pets

Child & Pet Friendly – The ultrasonic reject is friendly for people, pregnant woman, children & pets, also without influence on sleeping or daily activities.

  • Ultrasonic

Ultrasonic repellers emit low-frequency sound waves that only pests can hear (insects and rodents). Humans and house pets like cats and dogs cannot hear ultrasonic waves. Such device is totally harmless for them.

  • Electromagnetic

Electromagnetic models work in the same manner, though they are considered to be more advanced. An electromagnetic unit intensifies the signal, which ensures even better protection. Electromagnetic waves can go through obstacles like walls and furniture. Some rodents and pests are sensitive to the abnormal electromagnetic field, which may force them to leave your house.

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How To Select The Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller?

In fact, there’s not so much you should consider as the vast majority of repellers work in the same manner. These three factors below are crucial.

  • Price

Pretty often, vendor offer 2, 4, or 6-pack of repellers, which is way more cost-efficient than buying them separately. Ideally, you need to place 1-2 repeller in each room, so buying packs helps to save money. Don’t forget that the price depends on the quality of the device.

  • Coverage Area

Most often, one repeller covers the area of 1,200-1,600 square feet. Ultrasound waves do not penetrate walls and furniture, so one repeller protects a single room. Calculate the floor space of your house/apartments to make the right choice.

  • Safety

The vast majority of repellers are 100% safe for adults and kids, cats and dogs. Please, note that such pets as hamsters, mice, and rats are susceptible to this sound. Do not use a repeller if you have one. Some repellers are created to prevent the invasion of cats, dogs, squirrels, and other larger animals. The sounds they emit can be heard by humans, so they should be installed far from the house.

What To Know Before Start Using Ultrasonic Pest Repellers?

Here’s what you should know before you start using such device:

  1. Ultrasound waves emitted by repellers do not penetrate walls or furniture, so one unit protects one room.
  2. A repeller isn’t equally effective against all insects: ants and spiders can get used to the sound realizing it is harmless.
  3. As for rodents, their activity stops in about 6 days after repellers had been activated: it’s a highly efficient measure against rats and mice.
  4. Ultrasound is the sound frequencies beyond the upper limit of human hearing, that’s why we are not aware of waves emitted by repellers.
  5. Humans do not experience any ultrasonic pest repeller side effects because they simply cannot percept the sound.

How To Make The Best Use Of An Ultrasonic Repeller?

Some people doubt whether they want to use such device as an ultrasonic pest repeller – do they work after all? Yes, you can make pests leave your house, just follow these 7 recommendations:

  1. Mind the coverage. Buy as many repellers as rooms in your house – this is the golden rule for eliminating pesky bugs and rodents forever.
  2. Don’t use repellers in the room where you keep your rodent pets like hamsters or mice (lizards can be affected, too).
  3. Keep the repellers switched on all the time until you notice positive changes that come in a couple of weeks.
  4. As a rule, it takes a month for the infestation to be eliminated by a repeller, if it doesn’t work, the pests must have got used to the ultrasound. 
  5. If you see a light indicator blinking, there must be some problem with the power supply or connection.
  6. If you have a severe infestation, prefer the electromagnetic + ultrasound model – it will ensure maximum efficiency.
  7. Keep dusting the solar panel of an outdoor repeller, don’t use harsh chemical agents for cleaning.

Are Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Effective?

A.“Do ultrasonic pest repellers work? – most people ask. When installed and used correctly, such devices can really make a night and day difference. Mind that the pests don’t usually leave instantly. The signal starts damaging pests’ nervous system gradually, so rodents and insects flee from the protected territory in 3-4 weeks.

How do Ultrasonic Pest Repellers work?

A.They emit low-frequency ultrasound waves that can be heard by pests only (human ear does not percept the sound of this frequency range). This noise is annoying and alarming for pests: it damages their nervous system and makes them leave a house.

Does ultrasonic pest control work on fleas?

A.Since fleas and bed bugs feed on live creatures, they can still be attracted by the host’s blood: a  repeller will work better if you combine it with other ways of pest extermination.

Is UPR’s Safe To Use Around Kids, Pets? 

A.Most models are 100% safe for houses with pets and kids, though some devices repel dogs and cats – mind that if you have a pet.

Are ultrasonic pest repellers safe? 

A.Yes, the ultrasound waves cannot be heard by humans and most pets, they cause neither irritation nor physical harm.

How long does ultrasonic pest repeller last?

A.You can leave the device plugged in for as long as you need it – most manufacturers give 6-12 months warranty.

What Types Of Pests Do UPR’s Repel?

A.Traditionally, they repel the vast majority of insects (flies, mosquitoes, spiders, bed bugs, etc), and rodents (rats and mice). Some models are designed to repel cats, dogs, birds, and all other animals.

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