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Enjoy Summer Barbeque With Grill Smoker Combo: BBQ Lover’s Guide Before Purchase 2022

What is a Combo Grill?

A grill smoker combo serves to cook meat and other products at high temperatures without frying them. Such systems allow you to grill and bake meat so that it had this delicious smell and flavor of charcoal – the one that cannot be reproduced by simply cooking on a stove or in the oven. Since meat is cooked in a chamber, it stays juicy and mild, and yet a user can control the level of roasting.

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What Are The Different Types Of Combo Grill?

There are three major types of outdoor grill smoker combo:

  1. Gas usually works on propane.
  2. Charcoal maintains a fire with the help of waste wood.
  3. Hybrid solutions can work with both kinds of fuel materials.

How To Choose The Best Combo Grill?

  • Temperature

The device should feature a wide range of temperature settings. Ideally, from 150 degrees to 500 degrees and higher. On low temperatures, you can smoke and roast meat, while high-temperature mode is perfect for grilling.

  • Indirect and Direct Cook

While direct heat is used for roasting and grilling, indirect heat serves to smoke and bake products. The best smoker grill combo features two kinds of cooking. Combo cooking will be perfect for some certain types of dishes, especially vegetables.

  • Easy Clean Up

Note that charcoal grills are harder to clean because a lot of coal residues are left. With propane smokers, you only need to clean the device from food.

  • Fuel

Although charcoal is the basic fuel for combo grills, it’s better to find a hybrid model that can work with propane. This way, you will have two options to choose from, for instance, charcoal for smoking, and propane for grilling.

Interesting Facts About Combo Grills

  1. The most popular day for grilling in the USA is Independence Day.
  2. It’s recommended to use wood from broad-leaved trees for BBQ (oak, apple, pecan, maple) because conifer wood produces unpleasant chemical taste.
  3. In 60% of cases, smoking and grilling is a family tradition: some recipes are passed from generation to generation. 
  4. Most often, grill stations are used to cook traditional burgers (85%). Then go hamburgers, steaks, and chicken.
  5. Most often, barbecued meat is served together with potatoes, corn, and grilled vegetables and garnished with herbs.

How to Use and Take Care of Combo Grill?

Before you organize a backyard party and treat your family and friends with delicious grilled meat and veggies, you need to learn how to use a barbecue grill and smoker combo. Here are a few recommendations for both beginners and advanced users.

  • Mind Safety

Place the grill machine on a non-inflammable surface like concrete. Make sure it stands still and won’t fall. Although some devices can heat up to 700 degrees, it’s not recommended to push them to the limits – some details can melt, and you will easily dry and burn foods. The models that work on gas are usually fueled with propane. You can find it in any home depot or supermarket. Pour exactly as much as required.

  • Choose Wood Chips and Charcoal Smartly

If you use a grill combo that works on charcoal and wood chips, keep in mind that the type of wood used defines the grilled flavor of the meat. Besides, different types of wood have different time of burning. The difference is great!

  • Clean It Regularly

Don’t leave the burnt food and coal residues in the grill – they can catch flame the next time you cook. Besides, the dirt affects smell and flavor of dishes. In order to ease cleaning of the grate, you can grease it slightly prior to cooking.

How to use a smoker grill combo with infrared technology?

Note that it can take more time to have meat cooked, but you can reach even heating both in the core and at the surface. Such devices are also perfect for smoking.
After finishing roasting and grilling, make sure that there’s no food left on the grate, and the fuel won’t ignite. Close the device and ventilation for the charcoals to put down – oxygen can trigger the inflammation again.

Is It Easy To Start The Smoker Grills?

It depends on the type of fuel used. Charcoal should be heated up and turned into ash, which will take about 15-20 minutes. To reach the desired temperature, you will need to add more charcoal and wait for about 30-45 minutes. With propane smoke grillers, it’s easier: you just need to charge fuel and switch the device on: it will take a few minutes to reach the necessary temperature.

How Easily Can You Adjust The Temperatures Of A Smoker Grill?

While some devices come with handles for automatic temperature control, traditional charcoal grillers are harder to handle. To boost temperature, you need to add fuel and provide an optimal oxygen supply (that’s why we wave over the grill). To reduce heat, you can either pour water over fire, or remove some hot coals (which is harder).

How Easy Is The Grill Cleaning?

It depends on the type of grill smoker. Propane models are enough to be wiped with damp clothes and special cleaning agents. Charcoal grill smokers are harder to clean, and users need special brushes to remove the burnt deposits.

How Much Space Should I Dedicate To A Grill Or Smoker?

The cooking space with the smoker and grill combo should be at least 2 sq meters. Please, make sure that the device is placed far from inflammable objects and walls.

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