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How To Choose An Electric Tiller For Garden? (2022 Buyer’s Guide)

You have different choices when you are looking at electric garden tillers. Some of them come with a plus to plug into an extension cord for their power. Other models are battery-powered and need to charge up to be used. It really depends on what your gardening needs are when you make the decision to go full electric or battery powered.

Some people who have distant gardens from their homes have to choose a battery-powered electric garden tiller because their extension cord does not reach far enough. If you have a garden that is close to your house and accessible by an extension cord, then you don’t have to worry about needing a battery-powered tiller.

Another consideration when using an electric garden tiller is how strong you want it to be. There are so many models and designs out there, you can choose the one that works the best for you. Some people have different soil types which cause them to need a tiller that digs very deep and is able to dig through even the toughest soil.

Other gardens have soil that is easily workable. The beauty of an electric garden tiller is that you can get one that fits your soil type. You can also choose from different widths of tillers. Some of them work a larger area than others – if you have a large garden, then you will want a tiller than work s a wider swath of land.

All in all, electric garden tillers are a real help to gardening, doing a lot of the hard work for you. They are a good item to have in your garden shed.

Electric Tiller Reviews

See Your Options At Different Budget Range

$50 to 100 

$150 to 200


Reviews of the top-rated and best-selling tillers online. Click the links to see detail reviews.

Sun Joe TJ600E

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ See Current Price

✅ Best Sun Joe TJ600E Joe 14-Inch 6.5 Amp Electric Tiller

The little machine that does big work – It sure beats a shovel. Easy to assemble and use. Being electric is a nice feature . It would be better with a reverse as things like roots get trapped in the bottom. I’d recommend bringing a pair of scissors box cutter or something to pull them from the tiller part every ten minutes or so . Just to keep it working at full force. For the cost it’s a great buy.

The TJ600E requires very little amounts of assembly. Assembling the tiller is as easy as screwing in the bolts to attach the handle, and plugging in the cord.

You could have your tiller out of the box, assembled, and tearing through dirt in under 10 minutes! This tiller has nearly double the number of tines (or teeth) its competitors have, and for nearly half the price. This is currently one of the top-selling tiller/cultivator combos. (Read Sun Joe TJ600E review)

Mantis 7250

This electric tiller has just as much power as its gas-powered competitors, and it’s much more environmentally friendly than a stinky gas-powered tool. The tillers smaller size allows the user of the tool to get into tighter smaller spaces, where larger tillers or cultivators wouldn’t let you go. The small size is also nice for easy storage.

The head of this tool is adjustable, allowing the user to choose the depth that the tiller will dig into the ground. It can be as shallow as 2-3 inches, or as deep as 10! (Read Mantis 7250 review)

Earthwise TC70001

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ See Current Price

✅ Best Earthwise TC70001 11-Inch 8.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller

Works really well once you assemble it. – It was easy to put together, just attach the wheels and handle. It is light and will jump around but it is easy to control and keep on a straight track. It is awkward to start, you have to hold the button down with one hand and then pull the lever. Then you’ll want to grab the cord so that you can keep that out of the way as you work. It’s so small and light weight you can easily get into gardens and small garden beds.

The Earthwise TC70001 is a very durable tiller. it has a very sturdy and useful design. The wheel height can be quickly adjusted with the use of no tools, which can save you a lot of time. This tiller works through normal garden soil with ease.

Even after tilling for hours on end the tool never began to make sounds of wear or tear on the machines internal parts. This tiller is very cost effective with a price tag under $130. It is currently one of the top rated and best selling tillers online. (Read Earthwise TC70001 review)

Sun Joe TJ601E

The Sun Joe TJ601E electric garden tiller requires no gas or fuel. It runs using an extension cord similar to an electric leaf blower, or weed whacker.

This specific tiller has a very wide tilling width, letting you get the job done faster than other tillers with less a series of tines. The tines (or teeth) on the Sun Joe TJ601E have a very high clearance, which allows it to tear through soil without as many complications as other tiller. (Read Sun Joe TJ601E review)

Troy-Bilt TB154

Starting a new garden is as easy as mowing a lawn or vacuuming a carpet with this impressive tool. Even with no shoveling or prodding of the gound beforehand, the TB154 will make quick work of some of the toughest packed dirt.

The power and speed of this product will save you hours of back breaking work normally done with a shovel or hoe. Digging deep and loosening dirt will be simple when you’re using the TB154 (Read Troy Bilt TB154 review)

  • Black & Decker Cordless Electric Garden Cultivator

Black & Decker GC818 18-Volt Cordless Electric Garden Cultivator weighs 8.0 pounds; 2-year warranty.

The Black & Decker 18-volt cordless rechargeable garden cultivator is ideal for cultivating garden beds, landscape beds and weeding. This garden cultivator also preps beds for planting and prepping dry and dead spots for seeding. The 18 volts of power provide an effortless and quick way to weed and aerate soil.

The long tines are small enough to maneuver in between plants and counter-oscillating tines prevent weeds from tangling. The telescoping shaft adjusts for the perfect length, allowing the user to operate it standing up without bending over. 

  • Minn Kota Waterfowl Edition Trolling Motor with Camo and Tilt, Twist Tiller(44-lbs Thrust, 36″ Shaft)

Minn Kota Waterfowl Edition Trolling Motor with Camo and Tilt, Twist Tiller(44-lbs Thrust, 36″ Shaft) 44-pound thrust; 36-inch shaft.

Minn Kota may be recognized for producing the greatest trolling motors for 75 many years, and also the Powerdrive V2 may be the most recent technological spin on traditional performance.

The Waterfowl Release functions a handy Tilt Twist Tiller, a lever lock launch bracket, enhanced ergonomics, and elevated digital electronics that extend battery existence.

A quiet motor having a 44-pound thrust kick, the Waterfowl Release enables you to swiftly navigate towards the game without having scaring them off, and also the indestructible composite shaft with Weedless Wedge Propellor guarantees that you simply won’t get caught up within the little stuff. 

  • Craftsman Electric Mini Cultivator REVIEW

Craftsman Electric Mini Cultivator has a powerful 6.5 amp electric motor.

Having a gas tiller for example mixing and storing fuel,beginning the engine and dealing with smoke and noise.Effective but light-weight tills even the hardest of soils.

Simple to begin and handlle-lifts very easily into raised beds.Just plug in and squeeze the throttle.120 volt double insulated electric motor is quiet,ideal for town and townhouse gardeners. 

  • Factory-Reconditioned Black & Decker GC818 18-Volt Rechargeable Garden Cultivator

Factory-Reconditioned Black & Decker GC818 18-Volt Rechargeable Garden Cultivator provides an effortless and quick way to weed and aerate soil.

The factory-reconditioned Black & Decker GC818 18-volt rechargeable garden cultivator provides an effortless and quick way to weed and aerate soil. Its upright design and telescoping shaft lessens user fatigue, while counter-oscillating tines prevents weeds from tangling.

Tines can be removed easily for use with a single tine for cultivating in tight areas. This is a factory-reconditioned product. Reconditioned generally means that the tool has been returned to the manufacturer, who brings the product back to like new condition. 

  • Remington RM152C 12-Amp Garden Wizard Electric Tiller

Remington RM152C 12-Amp Garden Wizard Electric Tiller cultivates to a width of 10″ and a depth up to 9″.

The Remington Garden Wizard 12 Amp electrical tiller sports activities a effective 12 Amp motor for breaking via sod and finely cultivating beds.

Having a folding manage for simple storage, and resilient construction for use in rugged environments, the tiller also functions 20-percent a great deal more output torque than comparable gas mini-tillers.

Furthermore, the tiller arrives with quick-flip wheels plus a molded carrying handling for simple transport. Other functions consist of a 10-inch tilling width plus a 9-inch tilling depth. The electrical motor runs really quietly for environmentally friendly operation and arrives with an extension cord lock. 

  • Power Paws 120-Volt Electric Garden Tiller/Cultivator #E-1003

Power Paws 120-Volt Electric Garden Tiller/Cultivator #E-1003 ideal for tilling around plants, preparing garden beds, and weeding.

The Energy Paws 120-volt electric garden tiller/cultivator features like a powered hoe. Two patented hoe like blades cycle up and more than every other more than 400 occasions per moment for intense tilling activity, as a lot as 6 inches deep even in difficult ground.

Energy Paws is ideal for tilling close to and in between plants in flowerbeds and landscape plots. The intense tilling activity rapidly uproots big weeds and vines and in contrast to other tillers you will find no tangling problems. 

What Are Electric Tillers?

They are used to loosen up earth and soil, preparing garden beds or preping soil for planting. The device uses spinning blades which rotate very quickly to break up hardened earth. Without the use of this device, preparing garden soil would have to be done manually with a gardening hoe or shovel which could take hours.

The tiller saves you time by grinding up the dirt with a rotating blade to prepare your garden or lawn for plants, grass, or what ever you may be planting. Tillers can also have other uses such as lawn dethatching and adding compost or manure to your garden.

Which Tiller Is Right For Me?

This depends on how big of an area you need to prepare. Electric powered models are typically used for small gardening projects and also used as dethatchers for medium to small sized lawns.

If you need to prepare a large garden bed for planting, you may need to consider something more powerful such as a gas powered tiller or a rear tine tiller. Be sure to read our electric tiller reviews and research many different models before you purchase to get the best price.


Preparing a small home garden is a perfect time to use a cultivator/tiller. Because electric tillers tend to have less horse power than gas tillers, it makes it a perfect choice for small gardening projects around the house. Another great benefit is the compact size of most machines.

Tillers that run on electricity can plug easily into an outlet and they are ready for use (keep in mind you may need an extension cord). The inexpensive cost of most garden tillers also allows many people to own one for their own garden instead of renting a more expensive and more powerful model to perform their cultivating work.

Many electric tillers can also be used as a lawn dethatcher. Dethatching is the process of removing the layer of dead grass, leaves, and roots that builds up between growing grass and the earth under it. Dethatching improves the quality of your lawn by allowing new grass to sprout. It also allows grass roots to grow deeper which results in a healthier, lush green lawn.


Tillers have a wide price range depending on your needs. Bigger tilling and cultivating projects will require a much larger machine such as a rear tine tiller. A basic electric tiller will usually cost around $120 while more powerful models can reach $200+ Gas powered tillers will usually cost more as they have more horsepower. Professional tillers used on farms can reach much more.

What is your price range? $50 to 100 – $150 to 200 – $200+

What Is The Difference Between A Tiller And Cultivator?

A tiller will grind up hardened soil into a fine soil. The freshly ground soil is perfect for planting in because it will typically be nutrient rich and moist. A cultivator is used for removing weeds. It removes the top layer of soil to destroy weeds at the root.

Caution must be used when cultivating around crops to avoid damage to them. Some electric tillers can double as cultivators.

Additional Information

You will likely need a heavy-duty extension cord to go with your purchase. Many users find an extension cord reel to be helpful in maintaining and controlling the cord while working. Make sure to fully read and understand the user manual and take the necessary safety precautions before attempting to operate machinery.

Safety Tips

You will always want to wear tough boots/shoes when operating this machine. Gloves, safety glasses, and durable pants will prevent flying debris from injuring you. Make sure not to till areas swamped with rocks or infested with roots, as this could damage your tiller and cause a safety hazard.

Always take caution and pay attention to the safety cord so it does not get ran over. Always read safety instructions before operating a tiller.

How To Choose Electric Tiller?

Electric tiller is a must for any casual farmer or gardener. When you’re looking for an electric tiller, there are several things you should look after, such how versatile it is, durability, is it easy to use etc. We’ll talk about those things in a moment.

Electric tiller became extremely popular recently and there are several reasons for that phenomenon. More and more people simply want to grow their own organic food. More and more people want to do a little bit of gardening, grow a little bit of tomato and other vegetables, see how that goes on.

Electric tiller is perfect for this kind of endeavor. Even if you just want to shape up your garden, trim hedge, cut grass, prepare the soil for the flowers, electric tiller cultivator will really make it easy for you.

  • What you should be looking for is a durable, versatile machine that will serve you in many ways for a long time. Don’t hesitate to spend a little bit of extra dollars on a good electric tiller it will pay off on the long run. Browse through our reviews and visit Amazon. I noticed they have tons of user reviews there that will give you a lot of decent info. Look for electric tillers that are durable, have a solid warranty and come from well known manufacturers.
  • Also, make sure your electric tiller cultivator has options for different upgrades and attachments. You really want to pull as much as possible from your tiller.
  • If you are a woman, look for electric mini tiller models. It will be much easier for you to handle them if they are compact. And don’t worry, if they are small, doesn’t mean they don’t have the power. New models are packed with so much strength you’ll be able to perform any task.
  • Electric tiller prices can range a lot. You’ll be able to get models for less than $100 and there are few for over $300. It really depends on what you plan to do with your electric tiller. For some basic gardening, trimming or simple soil preparations, you can get a good product for $100 – $150. But I really recommend giving a bit more for a top quality tiller because it will really pay off in the long term.

There will be some more electric tiller reviews soon and I’ll try to compare garden tiller in a special post, so keep an eye out for new stuff.

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