Animals And Pests Keep Intruding Your Garden? Add Fence Spikes To Your Fencing To Keep Them Out: Garden Protection Guide 2021

Adding fence spikes to the top of your fencing from Titan Contractors can help keep animals and other pests away from your garden.

Fence spikes discourage cats, foxes and large birds from using your fence panels as a place to admire your garden and to see if a visit is desired. They are also effective against burglars wishing to climb over your fence and into your garden.

You mustn’t confuse fence spikes with fence post spikes. Post spikes are driven into the ground to hold your fence posts in place so that your fence panels can be fixed between the posts.

Fence spikes are a much smaller item that can be added to the top of your fence panels as an inconvenience to animals and burglars.

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✅ Best Repellent Spikes For Birds And Cats Anti-Climbing Defender

Good tools for birds and cats anti climbing – Plastic repallent spikes for birds and cats anti climbing defender. After browsing the Internet for a long time, found that this bird and cat proof artifact is a plastic product, which will not hurt them. just hope that they will stay away from the yard and smash flowerpots.

You Can’t Add Broken Glass To Your Fence Panels

Your local authority will not give you permission to add broken glass or barbed wire to the top of your fence panels and if a burglar is injured because you have added these items to keep them out, you may still be liable, financially, for the injuries.

Local authorities have approved certain types of spikes that can be added to the top of your fence panels. They will discourage people from trying to climb over your fence and from small animals attempting to enter your garden, but they will not physically hurt humans or animals.

They do provide a barrier that appears to be too difficult for people or pets to attempt to climb over your fence panels. Your garden fence accessory suppliers can provide a range of different size spikes and lengths of the strips to apply to the top of your fence panels.

Some people insist on adding fence spikes as a means to keep children and pets inside the barrier of your fence panels, making it difficult for them to climb over the border and into danger.

How To Add Your Fence Spikes?

The fence spikes are extremely flexible and easy for you to cut or trim to the right size to match your fence panels. Some arrive as a triple width spike, which you can trim to double width or single width depending upon where you choose to use them on your fence panels.

Some people place them around fishponds to keep cats out. Cats and foxes and larger birds will be put off by the spikes and will look elsewhere for easier prey.

The fence spike strips come complete with holes where you can hammer a small restless nail into the top of your fence panels to keep them secure.

Some fence spikes are delivered with a warning sign that you can affix to your fence panels. This may deter some humans from trying to climb over your fence as they might not know how dangerous the fence spikes are going to be.

Nevertheless, some very clever and diligent cats will find a way to walk across your fence spikes because the spikes are purely a deterrent and not impossible to pass over and they won’t even have bothered to read your warning sign.

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